Storm Boy, paper ed


Storm Boy makes an excellent read aloud picture book about a Haida boy from the Northwest Coast. During a canoe trip, the boy lands in the ocean. There he finds incredibly large people under a strange sky. In fact these are Killer Whale people who live in the ocean. There the boy is greeted and he joins in the people's feast, learning new dances and sharing dances from his village. The Chief realizes the boy is homesick and the boy is safely returned to his village and family. Accelerated Reader Level: 3.8

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Native Stories from Keepers of the Animals, The, paper ed


The Native Stories from Keepers of the Animals contains 24 traditional stories from Indigenous North American Nations retold by Joseph Bruchac. This rich collection of stories is organized around the importance of our relatives, the animals. From creation, celebration, vision, and survival, the reader is introduced to these important stories about animals that contain several teachings.

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Native North American Art, paper ed


Native North American Art is part of the Oxford History of Art Series and this volume sets out to examine and describe the current state of the arts in contemporary Canada and the United States. Berlo and Phillips are two art historians who bring impeccable credentials to the task. The text introduces to readers an appreciation for the richness and diversity of Indigenous arts from its earliest forms to the installations of modern artists.

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