Chiefs: The Trial of Poundmaker (Home Video Use Only) UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the producer The Trial of Poundmaker is one of the documentary films in the National Film Board series, Chiefs. This series examines the lives of five First Nations leaders from Canadian history. Poundmaker (1842-1886) was a Cree leader accused by the Canadian government with participating in the Riel Rebellion of 1885. Filmmaker Gil Cardinal explores this leader's life and his subsequent trial in a Regina courtroom in 1886. Direct descendents Gordon and Jim Tootoosis are actors in this historical documentary narrated by Tom Jackson.

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Tribal Theory in Native American Literature: Dakota and Haudenosaunee Writing and Indigenous Worldviews, paper ed


Tribal Theory in Native American Literature: Dakota and Haudenosaunee Writing and Indigenous Worldviews offers an Indigenous approach to literary criticism as Seneca scholar examines Dakota and Mohawk authors' works. Penelope Myrtle Kelsey is a professor of English literature at Western Illinois University and she brings her academic background as well as an Indigenous sensibility to the study of specific Dakota authors such as Marie McLaughlin, Charles Eastman, Zitkala-èa (Gertrude Bonnin), Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Ella Deloria, and Philip Red Eagle.

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Dakota Women's Work: Creativity, Culture, and Exile, paper ed


Dakota Women's Work: Creativity, Culture, and Exile is a 2012 release from the Minnesota Historical Society Press that deals with the history of Dakota women in Minnesota from the early 1800s to the United States-Dakota War of 1862. The book, written by Collette Hyman is part of its larger effort to discuss the war, and its aftermath, during the 150th anniversary of the war that pitted the Dakota against Europeans in the Minnesota River Valley.

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Beloved Child: A Dakota Way of Life, hardcover ed


Among the Dakota, the Beloved Child ceremony marked the special, tender affection that parents felt toward a child whose life had been threatened. In this moving book, Beloved Child: A Dakota Way of Life, author Diane Wilson explores the work of several modern Dakota people who are continuing to raise beloved children: Gabrielle Tateyuskanskan, an artist and poet; Clifford Canku, a spiritual leader and language teacher; Alameda Rocha, a boarding school survivor; Harley and Sue Eagle, Canadian activists; and Delores Brunelle, an Ojibwe counsellor.

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Christmas Coat: Memories of My Sioux Childhood, The, hardcover ed


The Christmas Coat: Memories of My Sioux Childhood by Lakota storyteller Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve takes readers back in time to her childhood during the 1940s. This picture book offers the heartwarming Christmas story about her family living on the reservation in South Dakota where her father is the Episcopal minister. As her family looks with anticipation on the coming Christmas events, Virginia dreams of receiving a new winter coat.

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Hook Up, paper ed


Hook Up by author Kim Firmston is an edgy teen novel for reluctant readers in the SideStreets Series from James Lorimer and Company Publishers. Cody Manywounds is a Tsuu T'ina teen who believes his life and schooling are all on track. His gets good grades and his plans include university. Some minor issues in the past involving some friends is now resolved and Cody knows he has a hot girlfriend and life is good. But when Cody receives the text message that announces his girlfriend's pregnancy his whole world is now upside down.

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Warriors of the Plains: The Arts of Plains Indian Warfare, paper ed


Warriors of the Plains: The Arts of Plains Indian Warfare by Max Carocci complements the British Museum exhibition on Plains art focusing on war regalia. This richly illustrated study featuring 150 colour photographs interweaves a survey of North American Plains history with a generously detailed examination of Plains warrior art - weapons, amulets, clothing, and ceremonial objects - with particular emphasis on their spiritual use and symbolic meanings.

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