Art of the Northwest Coast, paper ed


Art historian Aldona Jonaitis provides an overview of Northwest Coast First Nations art traditions. The work covers the continuous nature of the artistic endeavours of the First Nations from Puget Sound to Haida Gwaii and Alaska. Traditional and contemporary art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are described. Artists of particular interest are Charles Edenshaw, Bill Reid, Susan Point, Frederick Alexie, Selina Peratrovich, Preston Singletary, Marianne Nicholson and Eric Robertson. The volume includes a bibliography, extensive index, colour photographs, and a map.

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Migrations: New Directions in Native American Art, paper ed


Six Native American artists selected for the Migrations exhibition by the Tamarind Institute. They include Steven Deo, Tom Jones, Larry McNeil, Ryan Lee Smith, Star Wallowing Bull, and Marie Watt. In addition to the art, essays by Jo Ortel, Lucy Lippard, Kathleen Howe, and Gerald McMaster contribute expert analyses of Native American art. Ortel, an associate professor of art history at Beloit College, defines "Migrations" as it applies to this project. Lippard is an art critic and author whose essay discusses the cultural baggage forced upon the American Indian.

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Plank Houses, (Native American Life), hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Plank Houses is one of the titles in Bridgestone Books' series, Native American Life. Each of the titles describes the traditional dwellings of a specific Native American culture area. The format of each includes basic information about the Nations who lived in plank houses, what a plank house looked like, materials used to built the house, construction of the house, what the inside of the house looked like, villages, and special plank houses. The Nations of the Northwest Coast built large rectangular structures called plank houses.

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Come Look With Me: American Indian Art, hardcover ed


Come Look With Me: American Indian Art is one of the titles in Lickle Publishing's Come Look With Me Series of art appreciation books. The book's author selected 12 Native American historic objects made from a variety of media. The colour photograph of each object occupies a full page and on the opposing page there are a series of questions inviting students to examine the work. Included are brief paragraphs about the cultural and historical context of each art piece and its creator.

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Faces in the Forest: First Nations Art Created on Living Trees, hardcover ed


Faces in the Forest: First Nations Art Created on Living Trees is a 224-page book that examines the cultural and spiritual understandings of Northwest Coast tree art from the by Gitxsan, Nisga'a, Tlingit, and Dene Nations. Michael Blackstock, a forester and an artist, takes us into the sacred forest, revealing the mysteries of carvings, paintings, and writings done on living trees by First Nations people.

Price: $95.00

Tlingit, The (Lifeways), hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT The Tlingit by Raymond Bial is part of the Lifeways series published by Benchmark Books. This title discusses the culture and history of the Tlingit Nation. This Pacific Northwest cultural group lived along the coast of southeastern Alaska. The author begins the book with a brief version of the Tlingit creation story about Raven bringing light to the world. The text goes on to explain the standard anthropological theory about the origins of North American Indians. First contact for the Tlingit occurred in 1741 when Russians came to their territory.

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Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form, paper ed


The masterworks of Northwest Coast Indians are admired today as among the great achievements of the world's artisans. The painted and carved wooden screens, chests and boxes for storage and cooking, dishes, rattles, crest hats, and other ceremonial objects reveal a rare artistic virtuosity and document the unique involvement of these craftsmen with their environment.

Price: $26.95

Looking at Totem Poles, paper ed


Looking at Totem Poles is a companion title to Stewart's Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast. The author provides basic information about the Northwest Coast Cultural Region, an historical overview of totem poles, and a brief description of carving and raising poles. The second part of the book describes the figures and crests carved on totem poles as well as ceremonial and everyday objects. The final section describes in one-page essays the various totem poles found on the land in southern British Columbia, Vancouver Island, northern BC, and Alaska.

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