Bear for Breakfast, Makwa kidji kijebà wìsiniyàn, paper ed


Bear for Breakfast, Makwa kidji kijebà wìsiniyàn is the recent Robert Munsch picture book about a young boy who wants to have a unique breakfast. Instead of having a bowl of cereal or some delicious pancakes Donovan tells his mother he wants to eat bear for breakfast. Donovan’s grandfather explained that as a child he often ate bear for his breakfast. Mother explains that she had just shopped for groceries but if Donovan hurried he might find some bear meat for his morning meal. Donovan immediately sets out to locate bear. He meets locates several animals but there are no bears.

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Dear Canada: A Time for Giving, Ten Tales of Christmas, paper ed


Dear Canada: A Time for Giving, Ten Tales of Christmas is a charming collection of first-person narrative stories about Canadian winter and Christmas celebrations from a variety of young women in a diary format. Outstanding Canadian fiction authors and one First Nation author present situations based on their most recent Dear Canada diarists.

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Inuit, The (A True Book), paper ed


The Inuit is a children's information book published by The Children's Press. It is part of the True Book series about Native Americans designed to introduce young students to the culture and history of a specific Indigenous people. This book begins with a basic introduction about origin and geographic location of the Inuit and their early history. A map clearly shows the Inuit homeland in northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Russia.

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