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À la pêche avec grand-maman is Inhabit Media's French language edition of Fishing with Grandma.

Sell price: $12.95

'A Matter of Conscience'  follows the lives of Brenda and Greg, born at similar times.

Sell price: $24.99

This is the fourth in a Dreadful Water Mystery series by award-winning novelist, short story writer, scriptwriter, and photographer.

Sell price: $32.99

A Mind Spread Out On The Ground is a series of related essays that form a story of pain, depression, trauma, racism and colonialism retold from Elliott's experiences.

Sell price: $25.00

In A Mohawk Memoir from the War of 1812, John Norton – Teyoninhokarawen, historian Carl Benn introduces, annotates, and edits part of John Norton’s memoir.

Sell price: $37.95

A Moon Made of Copper is a collection of nonfiction poems that look at the continual maturing and growth of a human being.

Sell price: $16.00

First published in 1996, A Really Good Brown Girl is a fierce, honest and courageous account of what it takes to grow into one's self and one's Métis heritage in the face of myriad institutional an

Sell price: $20.00

A Spectacle of Stones, Vampire Skeleton Series Book Three is the third title in this series published in 2017.  Weighed down by grief and her ever-growing responsibilities as the healer of

Sell price: $9.99

The A to Z of Native American Movements is a reference dictionary organized alphabetically and covering important people, places, events, and institutions as well as important social, political, ec

Sell price: $79.00

The A to Z of the Inuit is a dictionary resource, part of the Scarecrow Press series, The A to Z Guide.

Sell price: $91.20

Like a Walk on the Tundra, A Walk on the Shoreline introduces young readers to unique plants and animals found in the Arctic, as well as the traditional Inuit uses for the various species.

Sell price: $16.93

Aan-kii-win: Migrations is a 28-page Ojibwe and English language resource produced for language learners by the Wikwemikong Heritage Organization.

Sell price: $20.00

Aandeg # Two (The Crow) is the second printing of Shirley William's bilingual Ojibwe and English reader.

Sell price: $36.00

ABC: Animal Babies of Canada is an A to Z alphabet book featuring 26 baby animals from all across the country.

Sell price: $12.50

Abenaki Daring: The Life and Writings of Noel Annance, 1792-1869 is the story of Noel Annance (1792-!869) who was born in St.

Sell price: $39.95

In the last two decades there has been positive change in how the Canadian legal system defines Aboriginal and treaty rights.

Sell price: $48.95