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Violence Against Indigenous women in Canada is an ongoing crisis, with roots deep in the nation's colonial history.

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Since the Renaissance, liberal education has as its core tradition a Eurocentric multidisciplinary humanism - the study of literature, art, philosophy and history - grounded in ancient Greek and La

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Visions for the Future: A Celebration of Young Native American Artists, volume 1 is a catalogue of the works of 13 Native American young artists who were selected by the Native American Rights Fund

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Visions of the Heart: Issues Involving Aboriginal Peoples in Canada is in its fourth edition.

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Visual Currencies: Reflections on Native Photography isa collection of seven essays first presented at the Native American Art Studies Association Conference, Phoenix, 2005.

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Visual Journey Northwest Coast First Nations Journal presents authentic Pacific Northwest Coast illustrations presented by Indigenous artists of the BC cost.

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Visualities: Perspectives on Contemporary American Indian Film and Art is one of the titles in the American Indian Studies Series published by Michigan State University Press.

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Voice of Indigenous Peoples - Native People Address the United Nations is the collection of speeches made by representatives of Indigenous Peoples to The United Nations in December of 1992 at the o

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The Voice of the Dawn: An Autohistory of the Abenaki Nation is a unique history written by an Abenaki archaeologist and ecologist about Abenaki history and culture.

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The Voice of the Natives The Canadian North and Alaska is a coffee table book of 128 full-colour photographs accompanied by 13 essays and 40 black and white archival photographs about the North.

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Voice of the Paiutes: A Story about Sarah Winnemucca is one of the titles in the Creative Minds Biography series.

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This student text was developed for grade 7 social studies students in Alberta. It includes perspectives from First Nations, Francophones, and Anglophones about the development of Canada.

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In Voices from Hudson Bay Cree Elders recall the daily lives and experiences of the men and women who lived and worked at the Hudson's Bay Company post at York Factory in Manitoba.

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Historical study of the Delaware Big House Ceremony. This edited collection contains diverse perspectives from historical documents and contemporary accounts.

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On April 23, 1990, after a five-week journey from Hudson Bay to the Hudson River, the Odeyak landed at the Battery for Earth Day.

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Voices from the Skeena is a collaboration between oral historian Robert Budd and artist Roy Henry Vickers.

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