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Like a Walk on the Tundra, A Walk on the Shoreline introduces young readers to unique plants and animals found in the Arctic, as well as the traditional Inuit uses for the various species.

Sell price: $16.93

The Aboriginal Alphabet for Children is a slim volume of words whose first letters reflect cultural artifacts from First Nations, Metis, and Inuit traditions.

Sell price: $10.95

An Aboriginal Carol is a 2008 release from Red Deer Press that truly represents the collaboration of Métis author David Bouchard, Inuk musician Susan Aglukark, and Ojibwe artist Moses Beaver.

Sell price: $24.95

Achieving Aboriginal Student Success: A Guide for K to 8 Classrooms is written for teachers with First Nations, Inuit or Métis students in their classrooms or those teachers searching for ways to i

Sell price: $30.00

Adult and Baby Animals, Level 6 is a simple nature book that introduces children to the terms for different Arctic animals (including the muskox, snowy owl, and polar bear) and their young.

Sell price: $6.95

Akilak's Adventure is a children's picture book set long ago when an Inuk grandmother and her granddaughter lived by themselves a day's walk from their relative's camp.

Sell price: $10.95

Akitshe:nen Rahon:tsi - My Pet Blackie is a Mohawk language resource developed by the Kanehsatake Resource Centre and the Mohawk Language Curriculum Centre, Kahnawake, Quebec.

Sell price: $13.50

Algonquin is a recent release from the ABDO Publishing Company about Native Americans and authored by Sarah Tieck.

Sell price: $38.47

The Algonquin is a juvenile literature title in the Native Americans series published by ABDO Publishing.

Sell price: $37.92

Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture: Algonquin is one of the titles in the Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture series published by Weigl Educational Publishers.

Sell price: $28.75

All About Birds, Level 8 is a non-fiction book that teaches children about the appearance, behaviour, and diets of nine different Arctic birds.

Sell price: $6.95

All about Polar Bears, Level 7 is a simple nature book that introduces children to information about the polar bear, including where polar bears live, what they eat, and how they hunt.

Sell price: $6.95

All about Seals, Level 9 is a non-fiction book to teach children about the appearance, behaviours, and diets of four different Arctic seal species.

Sell price: $6.95

Amazon Basin: Vanishing Cultures is a 2007 title from Lee and Low Publishers in their Explore Vanishing Cultures Series.

Sell price: $12.45

American Indian Families is part of The True Book Series published by Children's Press especially for elementary students in grades three to five.

Sell price: $7.99

Amik Loves School: A Story of Wisdom is one book in The Seven Teachings Stories series from Highwater Press. Amik is a young urban Ojibwe boy who actually enjoys learning new things at school.

Sell price: $9.95