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The Algonquin is a juvenile literature title in the Native Americans series published by ABDO Publishing.

Sell price: $37.92

Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture: Algonquin is one of the titles in the Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture series published by Weigl Educational Publishers.

Sell price: $28.75

All About Birds, Level 8 is a non-fiction book that teaches children about the appearance, behaviour, and diets of nine different Arctic birds.

Sell price: $6.95

All about Polar Bears, Level 7 is a simple nature book that introduces children to information about the polar bear, including where polar bears live, what they eat, and how they hunt.

Sell price: $6.95

All about Seals, Level 9 is a non-fiction book to teach children about the appearance, behaviours, and diets of four different Arctic seal species.

Sell price: $6.95

All That We Say is Ours: Guujaaw and the Reawakening of the Haida Nation chronicles the Haida's political and cultural renaissance in this multilayered narrative that will have far-reaching reverbe

Sell price: $34.95

2015 Shortlist Title for First Nation Communities Read.

Sell price: $21.00

The Allegany Senecas and Kinzua Dam: Forced Relocation through Two Generations is a study undertaken with the people of the Seneca Nation at Allegany about the impact of the Kinzua Dam.

Sell price: $37.95

Alliances: Re/Envisioning Indigenous-non-Indigenous Relationships is a collection of 24 essays edited by Lynne Davis, associate professor in the Department of Indigenous Studies at Trent University

Sell price: $41.95

In its extraordinary range of character and culture, Almanac of the Dead is fiction on the grand scale.

Sell price: $25.00

Almighty Voice and His Wife: A Play is a 2-act drama about a Cree couple during the time following the Riel Rebellion by Delaware (Six Nations) playwright Daniel David Moses.

Sell price: $19.50

 English translation of the account of a journey undertaken in September of 1790 by Count Paolo Andreani of Milan as he travelled through Iroquoian lands along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers.

Sell price: $64.50

alterNatives: A Play by Ojibwe playwright sets the stage with a very liberal contemporary couple, Angel, an urban Native science fiction writer, and Colleen, a non-practising Jewish intellectual wh

Sell price: $18.95

The Amazing Time Travel Adventures of the Iron Crow Brothers and Bree Sainte Marie is a historical fiction young adult novel by Calgary amateur historian Rob Lennard.

Sell price: $12.95

Amazon Basin: Vanishing Cultures is a 2007 title from Lee and Low Publishers in their Explore Vanishing Cultures Series.

Sell price: $12.45

America in 1492: The World of the Indian Peoples Before the Arrival of Columbus, originally published in 1992, is reissued and explores the lives and cultures of the people who lived in various reg

Sell price: $28.00