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7 Générations – Volume 1 is the French edition of the graphic novels Stone (volume 1) and Scars (volume 2) by David Alexander Robertson and Scott Henderson.

Sell price: $17.95

This book looks at the numbers in French. Main text on each page is provided only in French, with simple, labeled photographs providing support.

Sell price: $6.95

Nokum Ma Voix Et Mon Coeur is the French language edition of Nokum is My Teacher by David Bouchard.

Sell price: $24.95

Simple text paired with themed illustrations invite the reader to learn to speak French.  .***********NOTE: 40% OFF PRICE SHOWN WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*********

Sell price: $8.95

Qu'appelle (French edition) by Métis poet and storyteller David Bouchard combines a romanticized retelling of the origin of Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan with the evocative paintings by Cree ar

Sell price: $21.95

Shi-shi-etko is the French language edition of Nicola Campbell's children's picture book about an Interior Salish child with just four more days at home until she goes to residential school.

Sell price: $19.95

Uumajut, Volume 2 (French): Étudions Les Animaux De L'Arctique is the primary non-fiction title in Inhabit Media's bilingual (French and Inuktitut) language collection.

Sell price: $9.95

How do you say hello in French? Explore the pages of this French English picture dictionary to learn new words and phrases.

Sell price: $8.95

Uumajut, Volume Un (French) Étudions Les Animaux de L'Arctique is volume one in the dual language series Uumajut.

Sell price: $9.95

7 Générations Volume 2 contains the French language edition of David Alexander Robertson's Ends/Begins vol 3 and The Pact vol 4 of the 7 Generations graphic novel series.

Sell price: $17.95

Discovering Numbers: English, French, Cree is a primary-level 12-page board book designed to introduce basic counting from number 1 to 10.

Sell price: $8.00

Discovering Words: English, French, Cree is a primary-level 28-page board book designed to introduce basic vocabulary for the English alphabet.

Sell price: $12.00

Achimoona means stories in the Cree language. This collection of 10 stories for children ages 8 and up were written by eight Native authors during a workshop in 1985.

Sell price: $19.95

In The Great Peace of Montreal of 1701: French-Native Diplomacy in the Seventeenth Century Gilles Havard brings to life the European and Indigenous participants who brought about this major feat of

Sell price: $29.95

French and Indians in the Heart of North America, 1630-1815 is a collection of 8 essays edited by Robert Englebert  and Guillaume Teasdale.

Sell price: $29.95

The War That Made America: A Short History of the French and Indian War authored by Fred Anderson, professor of history at the University of Colorado, is the companion book to the 2006 PBS televisi

Sell price: $20.00