Iroquois Journey: An Anthropologist Remembers, paper ed


Iroquois Journey: An Anthropologist Remembers is the 204-page memoir of the noted Iroquoianist William Fenton. Completed just prior to his death, this volume describes his ancestors, his education as an anthropologist, his theories about anthropology and his subjects, his research, and his later years. The book contains a few black and white photographs, an index and bibliography. Edited by William Starna and Jack Campisi.

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War Paths, Peace Paths: An Archaeology of Cooperation and Conflict in Native Eastern North America, paper ed


War Paths, Peace Paths: An Archaeology of Cooperation and Conflict in Native Eastern North America is one of the titles from the Issues in Eastern Woodlands Archaeology Series from AltaMira Press. Author David Dye is associate professor of archaeology in the Department of Earth Sciences at University of Memphis. Archaeologists, ethnohistorians, osteologists, and cultural anthropologists have only recently begun to address seriously the issue of Native American war and peace in the eastern United States.

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Trickster: An Anthropological Memoir, hardcover ed


Trickster: An Anthropological Memoir is a fascinating anthro-insider memoir about a recent graduate's first fieldwork among the Paiute. Her memoir is humour-filled and offers insight into the field of study and one woman's journey in anthropology and the lessons learned with her witty and engaging informants. Eileen Kane is an applied anthropologist who chaired the first department of anthropology in Ireland and now works on participatory development and education programs in Africa.

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Iroquois, The paper ed (Not Always Stocked)


The Iroquois published by Blackwell and written by archaeologist Dean Snow is a comprehensive account of the five nations - Onondagas, Senecas, Mohawks, Oneidas and Cayugas - who together made up the Iroquois Confederacy. He presents detailed information form their origins in prehistory to their dispersal and confinement after the American Revolution. This accessible account by the leading scholar in the filed draws on the widest possible range of archaeological evidence to provide a narrative interpretation of a people with a complex history.

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Societies of Peace: Matriarchies Past, Present and Future, paper ed


Societies of Peace: Matriarchies Past, Present and Future is a collection of 38 selected essays garnered from the First World Congress on Matriarchal Studies, 2003, and the Second World Congress on Matriarchal Studies, 2005. The essays are organized by continent and papers of interest include Barbara Alice Mann's They are the Soul of Councils: The Iroquoian Model of Women-Power; and Aia Na ha'insa I Loko o Kakou: The Answers Lie Within Us by Hawaiian author Mililani B. Trask.

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Other Side of Eden: Hunters, Farmers and the Shaping of the World, The, paper ed


The Other Side of Eden: Hunters, Farmers and the Shaping of the World by anthropologist and documentary filmmaker Hugh Brody effectively argues for the lifestyles of hunter and gathering peoples worldwide. His part memoir and part exposition celebrates the worlds of the Innu, Inuit, Nisga'a, and Dunne-za societies.

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Great Law and the Longhouse: A Political History of the Iroquois Confederacy, The, paper ed


The Great Law and the Longhouse: A Political History of the Iroquois Confederacy is the classic volume by the late anthropologist and ethnohistorian William N. Fenton. He discusses the history of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy from the time of creation until 1794. The first two sections of the work covers 16 chapters about Haudenosaunee cultural traditions and teachings including: creation; the Great Law; Chief John A.

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Historicizing Canadian Anthropology, paper ed


Historicizing Canadian Anthropology is an examination of the historical development of the field of anthropology in Canada. Twenty-one essays are arranged in themes that address: situating ourselves historically and theoretically; the pre-professional history of Canadian anthropology; locating our subjects; documenting institutional relations; and comparisons and connections.

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Kennewick Man: Perspectives on the Ancient One, paper ed UNAVAILABLE


Kennewick Man: Perspectives on the Ancient One is a 2008 publication that contains 41 essays from writers with a variety of backgrounds about the highly contested remains of the Kennewick Man. The volume explores the variety of perspectives and reactions to the location and long-term possession of Kennewick Man's remains. In 1996 a nearly complete skeleton was located near Kennewick, Washington. Archaeologists claimed the remains and the naming rights. The Umatilla Tribe believed this skeleton to be one of their Ancient Ones.

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Native Peoples of Southern New England, 1650-1775, hardcover ed


Native Peoples of Southern New England, 1650-1775 by Kathleen J Bragdon, Professor of Anthropology at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, offers a new volume about the various Nations of the New England region during the American colonial period. Many people believe that First Nations living in this territory at the time of contact and thereafter readily declined in population following the influx of settlers but this new volume dispels this idea by drawing on recent research in archaeology, linguistics and the historical record.

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