1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, hardcover ed


In 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus a journalist tackles the history of the Americas based on current anthropological, archaeological, scientific and literary evidence. The book is written in a fast-paced detective format. Topics include the origins of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, the origin of corn and cotton, early writing, farming in the Amazon rain forest, warfare, the Great Law of Peace, terminology, contributions, mathematics and calendars. A paper edition is also available.

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Chippewa Families: A Social Study of White Earth Reservation, 1938, reprint


Chippewa Families: A Social Study of White Earth Reservation, 1938 is the classic study by Sister Mary Inez Hilger who lived and studied the housing and economic conditions on the White Earth Reservation, in Minnesota in 1938. She portrays the changing traditional lifestyle of 150 Ojibwe families through a series of interviews and personal stories. In a series of interviews, she collected personal stories and a wealth of material about living conditions, social life, and material culture on the reservation.

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Chippewa Customs, paper ed


Chippewa Customs remains the classic anthropological study of Ojibwe culture including men's and women's roles, food, clothing, food, games, the arts, life cycle, seasonal round of activities, ceremonies, legends, music, housing, clans, transportation, and hunting, fishing, and gathering. Originally published in 1929 as bulletin 86 of the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of American Ethnology, this edition is a publication of the Minnesota Historical Society.

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Theoretical Perspectives on Native American Languages, paper ed


American linguistics has a tradition of finding unique and important insights from studies of Native American languages, often leading to innovations in current theories. At the same time, research on Native languages has been enhanced by the perspectives of modern theory. Theoretical Perspectives on Native American Languages extends this tradition by presenting original analyses of aspects of six Native languages of Canada|Algonquin, Athapaskan, Eskimo, Iroquoian, Salishan, and Siouan.

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Circle of Goods: Women, Work, and Welfare in a Reservation Community, paper ed


Circle of Goods: Women, Work, and Welfare in a Reservation Community compiles the stories of Native American women and examines their kinship, wage work, and informal economies. Responding to the upheavals of reservation life brought about by federal policiesùfrom commodity rations to welfare reformùMandan, Hidatsa and Arikara women, each with distinct histories and cultural practices, stand at the center of the Fort Berthold reservation economy.

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Emerging from the Mist: Studies in Northwest Coast Culture History, paper ed


Emerging from the Mist: Studies in Northwest Coast Culture History updates and expands our understanding of the nature and evolution of precontact Northwest Coast society to reveal the vibrant, rich cultures that existed there. Scholars and students of archaeology and anthropology, and those with an interest in Northwest Coast history, will find this volume especially rewarding. Combining archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnography, this collection of 13 scholarly essays investigates several aspects of this cultural complexity, carrying on the intellectual traditions of Donald H.

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Teaching Religion and Healing, paper ed


Teaching Religion and Healing edited by Linda Barnes and Ines Talamantez is a collection of 21 scholarly essays published in the American Academy of Religion Teaching Religious Studies Series. The papers are organized into sections that are intended to assist instructors incorporating the ideas of healing into their religion and healing courses. The papers are contributed by scholars in disciplines such as anthropology, religious studies, American studies, sociology, and Native American studies.

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