Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, hardcover ed NOT ALWAYS STOCKED


NOT ALWAYS STOCKED This title is not always stocked, please allow additional time for shipping. Encyclopedia of the Great Plains is an extensive reference developed from 1995 - 2003 about the area of United States and Canada known as the Great Plains. Covering all aspects of the peoples, cultures, and history of the region, this massive volume provides general overview essays about twenty-seven major topics including Native Americans (57 pages). Within each major category the editor has placed additional entries about people, events, place, and subjects.

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Oneida Iroquois Folklore, Myth, and History: New York Oral Narratives from the Notes of H. E. Allen and Others, hardcover ed


Oneida Iroquois Folklore, Myth, and History: New York Oral Narratives from the Notes of H. E. Allen and Others provides an analysis of specific Oneida stories told and recorded in the 1920s. These stories were recounted by Oneida women, Lydia Doxtator (1859-1926) and Anna Johnson (1885-1966). Both women served as cleaning women for medieval scholar Hope Emily Allen (1883-1960). During an illness the non-native woman listened to traditional stories from her domestic help and began serious research on Oneida oral narratives.

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Animals Came Dancing: Native American Sacred Ecology and Animal Kinship, The, paper ed


The Native American hunter had a true appreciation of where his food came from and developed a ritual relationship to animal lifeùan understanding and attitude almost completely lacking in modern culture. In this major overview of the relation between Indians and animals on the northern Great Plains, Howard Harrod recovers a sense of the knowledge that hunting peoples had of the animals upon which they depended and raises important questions about Euroamerican relationships with the natural world.

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Honour Earth Mother: Mino-Audiaudauhi Mizzu-Kummik-Quae, paper ed


Honour Earth Mother: Mino-Audiaudauhi Mizzu-Kummik-Quae by noted Ojibwe author Basil Johnston examines the traditional teachings and stories of the Ojibwe that can help all readers make the connections between creation, the land, the animals, and humans. He writes in a storytelling-style that will appeal to all people who want to understand the close relationship between First Nations and the environment. The legends or traditional narratives are retold in this collection.

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Cherokee, The (Watts Library), paper ed


The Cherokee is a children's book for grades four to seven about the history and culture of the Cherokee from the Indians of the Americas series published by Franklin Watts. Author Liz Sonneborn retells a brief version of the Cherokee creation story but refers to it as a tale. She does include the term Cherokee People use to refer to themselves and discusses their traditional homeland in the American Southeast. The first chapter covers their traditional culture only briefly and describes the Green Corn ceremony as a great feast to celebrate the new year.

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My Elders Taught Me: Aspects of Great Lakes American Indian Philosophy, paper ed, Limited Quantity


This title is not always stocked, please allow additional time for shipping. In this book the author examines various aspects of a selection of Western Great Lakes American Indian philosophical traditions and beliefs. He combines over forty years of stories, anecdotes, and observations learned from Western Great Lakes tribal elders into a coherent and thought-provoking philosophy text which challenges readers to look beyond their own cultural prepossessions and discover a method of asking questions where the answers come from within.

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Nanabosho: How the Turtle Got Its Shell, paper ed, 5th printing


Nanabosho: How the Turtle Got Its Shell is one of the popular titles in the Nanabosho series by Winnipeg children's author, Joe McLellan. The author, who is also a teacher, believes in the power of the oral tradition and storytelling. He takes traditional stories about the Ojibwe trickster and teacher, Nanabosho, and weaves a contemporary story that will appeal to all children. In this picture book, the story begins with two Native children who hear the story about how the turtle received a shell.

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Native Ways: California Indian Stories and Memories, paper ed


Native Ways: California Indian Stories and Memories provides an overview of California Native Americans and their cultural history. Easy-to-read sections cover the importance of family, learning, children's games, stories for children, learning to hunt, roles of men and women, and getting married. Other topics include choosing a chief, today's leaders, training to be a warrior, the role of messengers, trading, and doctoring. California was a plentiful land that provided for the people.

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Our Stories Remember: American Indian History, Culture, and Values Through Storytelling, paper ed


Abenaki author and storyteller Joseph Bruchac offers an overview of North American Indian history, culture and traditions through a variety of Native American stories. He uses brief stories that explore such topics as origins and creation, who Native People are, life and death, Trickster, Contact and the coming of Europeans, the generations: parents, grandparents, children, animal, people, and plants, and the drum as the heartbeat. Reading Level: 7.9; ATOS Level: 7.9.

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Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message, paper ed


Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message is a children's picture book by Chief Jake Swamp. This version of the Iroquois Thanksgiving Address or Ganohonyohk is written especially for children who want to know more about Six Nations Iroquois spirituality. The Thanksgiving Address is one of the key speeches of the Six Nations Iroquois. The Thanksgiving Address is given to open and close social and religious gatherings in traditional Iroquois communities. The Address varies in length and detail according to each speaker.

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