Le Capteur de Rêves et les Sept Tentations (Dreamcatcher & the Seven Deceivers), hardcover ed


Le Capteur de Rêves et les Sept Tentations is the French language edition of Dreamcatcher & the Seven Deceivers by Métis author David Bouchard. The sequel to Les Sept Enseignements Sacres (Seven Sacred Teachings), warns readers about voices one can expect to hear during our dreamtime, voices that do not represent the Sacred Teachings. In his introduction Bouchard explains long before the colonization efforts began, First Nations had prophesies that forewarned the people.

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Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven Ojibwe & English (set of 7 books), paper ed


Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven Ojibwe & English (set of 7 books and audio CDs): Waaboos Miinawaa Mkwa Zidens is the Ojibwe and English edition of Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven series of 7 titles from Little Spirit Bear Productions. Author and illustrator Chad Solomon and educator Tanya Leary have combined their talents to create this bilingual series. The Ojibwe translation appears in black font beneath the blue font English text. Ojibwe translation is provided by James Shawana.

Price: $140.00

Sous la Lune de Corbeau: Ba'naboy' laxa Gwa'wina 'Makwala, hardcover ed


Sous la Lune de Corbeau: Ba'naboy' laxa Gwa'wina 'Makwala is the French edition of David Bouchard's book, Beneath Raven Moon. Métis storyteller takes a Kwakwaka'wakw-inspired story about the important role of Grandmother Moon in the lives of the Earth's peoples and creates a bilingual (French/Kwak'wala) picture book. Moving colour art images by Andy Everson captures the mood of the story in surprising detail. Kwak'wala translation by Pauline Alfred and Pewi Alfred. The accompanying audio CD includes the story in French  and Kwak'wala, with flute music provided by Mary Youngblood.

Price: $24.95

Diamond Willow Walking Stick: A Traditional Métis Story about Generosity, The, paper ed


The Diamond Willow Walking Stick: A Traditional Métis Story about Generosity; Li kaan di sool: aen nistwayr di Mi chif li taan kayaash taanishi aen ishi maykihk is one of the finalists for the First Nation Communities Read 2014–15 selection. This children's book is a 48-page bilingual story by Métis storyteller and author Leah Marie Dorion. The story explores a Métis Elder's remembrances of traditional teachings about generosity that were taught to him by his grandparents during his childhood.

Price: $15.00

Dancing in My Bones: La Daans daan Mii Zoo, paper ed


Dancing in My Bones: La Daans daan Mii Zoo is a delightful and engaging bilingual picture book by Métis storyteller Wilfred Burton along with educator Anne Patton. This English and Michif book offers readers in the elementary grades a story about learning how a Métis child learns to dance the Métis style of dance known as jigging. This is a follow up book to Fiddle Dancer that introduced a boy named Nolin and his grandfather.

Price: $15.00

Our Grandmothers' Words: Traditional Stories for Nurturing, paper ed


Our Grandmothers' Words: Traditional Stories for Nurturing is a 64-page resource offering readers guidance about Mi’kmaq traditional wisdom for pregnancy and birth. Traditional child raising practices recognize that you begin to raise a child from the moment you know you are pregnant. This book shares the Grandmother’s understandings for pregnancy and birth as well as some traditional stories that are used to help guide and nurture parents and children as they grow together.

Price: $14.95

Ice King: Le Roi de Glace: Mkumiey Eleke'wit, The, paper ed


The Ice King is written by Allison Mitcham about a Mi'kmaw youth long ago who outsmarted the Ice King. This traditional Mi'kmaq legend offers the account in English, French, and Mi'kmaq. The French text, Le Roi de Glace, is translated by Corinne Gallant; the Mi'kmaq version, Mkumiey Eleke'wit, is written by Serena M. Sark. Because they did not know how to defend themselves against the Ice King, the inhabitants of a Mi'kmaq village risked death every winter - until a day when a brave Mi'kmaw dared to stand up to him. Will he manage to subdue this formidable enemy?

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Living in Harmony, Mino-nawae-indawaewin, paper ed OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY


Living in Harmony, Mino-nawae-indawaewin is the second title by Ojibwe linguist and storyteller Basil Johnson in the Anishinaubaemowin Series. This collection, commissioned by Zagamok Wasseyaankaan Anishinaabebigewin, contains 10 stories in English.  The Ojibwe language version follows each story.  These legends and oral traditions are meant to be read aloud resources for elementary students.  They are also suitable for adult literacy students and anyone interested in knowing more about Anishinaabe traditional stories.

Price: $0.00

Rainbow Crow Nagweyaabi-Aandeg, hardcover ed(unavailable ...reprinting summer 2018)


Rainbow Crow Nagweyaabi-Aandeg is the 2012 bilingual picture book by Métis storyteller and author David Bouchard retelling of a traditional Lenape story. The story is set long ago before two leggeds walked on Mother Earth. There was a great cold and the animals formed a council to discuss the matter. They decided someone had to seek help from the Creator. Rainbow Crow, a most colourful bird, was selected because she had a beautiful voice that would surely impress the Creator. She flew into the heavens and won fire from above.

Price: $24.95