Uumajut, Volume 2, Learn About Arctic Wildlife, paper ed


Uumajut, Volume 2, Learn About Arctic Wildlife is the primary non-fiction title in Inhabit Media's bilingual (English and Inuktitut) language collection. The book published by Inhabit Media in partnership with Qikiqtani Inuit Association and the Nunavut Bilingual Education Society is written by Nunavut residents Simon Awa and Seeglook Akeeagok, along with Anna Ziegler and Stephanie McDonald.

Price: $9.95

Canada and Aboriginal Canada Today: Changing the Course of History, paper ed


Canada and Aboriginal Canada Today - Le Canada et le Canada autochtone aujourd’hui, Changing the Course of History - Changer le cours de l’histoire is an important contribution to the ongoing debate about the role of Aboriginal peoples in the Canada today and tomorrow. It is essential reading for all Canadians who want to learn about the historic roots of current challenges, and to reflect upon the issues of justice and equality for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis today.

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Inuit Kinship and Naming Customs, paper ed 2017 FNCR


Inuit Kinship and Naming Customs is an important collection of Inuit elder interviews about current naming and family traditions among the Inuit communities of Baffin Region, Nunavut. Four elders explain that Inuit do not call each other by their given names. Instead, they refer to each other using a system of kinship and family terms, known as tuq&urausiit (turk-thlo-raw-seet). Calling each other by kinship terms is a way to show respect and foster closeness within families. Children were named after their elders and ancestors, ensuring a long and healthy life.

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Chroniques de l'Amautalik: Ogresse de la Mythologie Inuite, paper ed


Chroniques de l'Amautalik: Ogresse de la Mythologie Inuite is the French language edition of Inhabit Media's Stories of the Amautalik: fantastic beings from Inuit myths and legends first released in English in 2009. This French edition about the dreaded amautalik or ogress terrifies two Inuit communities, including five young but resourceful children. In this 44-page children's illustrated book these young adventurers are able to face one of the most frightening beings to roam the Arctic.

Price: $9.95

Arctic Weather and Climate Through the Eyes of Nunavut's Children, paper ed


Unikkaaqatigiit: Arctic Weather and Climate Through the Eyes of Nunavut’s Children is an exciting fact-filled scrapbook of colour photographs, colour drawings, poems, and short stories about the climate written by elementary students from 11 Nunavut community schools. Published by Inhabit Media, this bilingual English and Inuktitut syllabics anthology will appeal to elementary students in southern Canada learning about the Inuit students' perspectives of their home communities.

Price: $12.95

Indians Don't Cry: Gaawin Mawisiiwag Anishinaabeg, paper ed


Indians Don't Cry: Gaawin Mawisiiwag Anishinaabeg is the second book in the First Voices, First Texts series, from the University of Manitoba Press, which publishes lost or underappreciated texts by Indigenous artists. This new bilingual (English and Ojibwe) edition of George Kenny's 1977 book, Indian Don't Cry, includes a translation of Kenny's poems and stories into Anishinaabemowin by Patricia M. Ningewance and an afterword by literary scholar Renate Eigenbrod. George Kenny is from Lac Seul First Nation in northwestern Ontario.

Price: $24.95

Tuscarora-English/English-Tuscarora Dictionary, paper ed


Tuscarora-English/English-Tuscarora Dictionary is an important contribution to the study of the Tuscarora language. Designed for Tuscarora people learning their language, as well as anthropologists, historians, language teachers, and linguists, this 2015 paper edition of the dictionary includes the work of previous scholars and the work of linguist Blair Rudes. The dictionary contains a Tuscarora/English, English/Tuscarora, an index of proper names, index of interjections and expressive vocabulary, and index to grammatical morphemes.

Price: $69.00

Onondaga-English / English-Onondaga Dictionary, paper ed


The Onondaga-English/English-Onondaga Dictionary is the result of Hanni Woodbury's thirty years of research and collaboration with contemporary speakers and her study of nineteenth- and twentieth-century text sources. Onondaga is an Iroquoian language spoken at the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, near Brantford, Ontario, and at Onondaga Nation, near Syracuse, New York. Once spoken by a large Iroquoian population in New York State, Onondaga is now spoken by only a small number of individuals.

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Aboriginal Knowledge for Economic Development, paper ed


Aboriginal Knowledge for Economic Development analyzes the benefits, practices and challenges of Mi’kmaw and Maliseet Language Immersion programs, illustrating how these programs provide a solid foundation of worldview, ethics, values and identities that are essential for improved academic success, and examines the Honouring Traditional Knowledge Project, a two-year project to seek Elders’ views on how to include them and traditional knowledge in all aspects of community economic research and development.

Price: $24.95

Pimatisiwin: The Good Life, Global Indigenous Knowledge Systems, paper ed


Pimatisiwin: The Good Life, Global Indigenous Knowledge Systems by Swampy Cree scholar Priscilla Settee delivers a perspective of what it means to be alive while, at the same time, furthering Indigenous-based struggles for decolonization, social justice and intellectual thought. Using her personal learning path along with a detailed literature review of power politics within institutions of higher learning, the author details several case studies of Indigenous knowledges in the global Indigenous world.

Price: $32.00