Illustrated History of Canada's Native Peoples: I Have Lived Here Since the World Began, An, revised & expanded, paper ed


An Illustrated History of Canada's Native Peoples: I Have Lived Here Since the World Began is the 2011 revised and expanded edition of the earlier title, I Have Lived Here Since the World Began. Historian Arthur J. Ray offers the general reader an accessible overview of the history of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada from pre-contact to the twenty-first century.

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Nisga'a Treaty: Polling Dynamics and Political Communication in Comparative Context, The, paper ed


Sociology professor presents an inside story about the dynamics of British Columbia's public opinion and polling campaign that surrounded the Nisga'a Treaty. How the government of this province influenced public opinion as it marketed its policies to the people of British Columbia is the purpose of the book. The author compares this process to the methods used by Australia in it polling efforts about reconciliation with Aboriginal People.

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Between Justice and Certainty: Treaty Making in British Columbia, paper ed


Sociologist examines the ongoing treaty process in British Columbia established in 1992. Designed to resolve outstanding land claims of First Nations the process has pitted First Nations against non-Aboriginals in the province. The author views the process as a discourse between justice and certainty. He draws on interviews and archival and modern treaty documents to argue that justice needs in win out in the province so reconciliation can occur.

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Marshall Decision and Native Rights, The, paper ed


In The Marshall Decision and Native Rights Ken Coates explains the cross-cultural, legal, and political implications of the recent Supreme Court decision on the Donald Marshall case. He describes the events, personalities, and conflicts that brought the Maritimes to the brink of a major confrontation between Mi'kmaq and the non-Mi'kmaq fishers in the fall of 1999, detailing the bungling by federal departments and the lack of police preparedness.

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Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, 9th ed, paper ed


Aboriginal Peoples in Canada provides a current, comprehensive introduction to Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. Now in its 9th edition this introductory Native Studies text offers new content such as urban life, gender issues, the Métis, the Inuit, and global issues relating to Aboriginal Peoples. The book covers the recent changes to the Aboriginal Affairs ministry, the residential school apology, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The material is presented from the perspective of Native Peoples (as opposed to from the perspective of federal and provincial governments).

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I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala, paper ed


Rigoberta Menchu was born in 1959 to a poor Indian peasant family in Guatemala. As a teenager she became involved in various social reform programs through the Catholic Church and became an active member of the women's rights movement. Menchu's work as an activist posed such a threat to the established order that she was forced to flee Guatemala in 1981, at which time she expanded her work and co-founded the United Representation of the Guatemalan Opposition (RUOG).

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Iroquois Land Claims, paperback ed


Iroquois Land Claims is a collection of nine essays read at a symposium held at Colgate University in April, 1986 to explain the nature and scope of Six Nations Iroquois land rights issues in the United States. An introduction by Christopher Vecsey offers readers an overview of the issues that are the basis for Iroquois land rights. He also offers an overview of the papers presented at the conference.

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Truth and Bright Water, paper ed


Truth and Bright Water is an interesting novel by Thomas King about two youths living along the Montana - Alberta border. The small American town is called Truth; and the reserve just across the border is called Bright Water. Cousin Lum tries desperately to wint the Indian Days race and so move away from his abusive parent. Cousin Tesumseh also attempts to understand his family. The easy to read style contains themes of love, betrayal, reconciliation, self-discovery and the search for meaning.

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