Indian Nations of North America, hardcover ed


Indian Nations of North America is a 384-page information resource published by the National Geographic Society and written by Ojibwe scholar Anton Treuer. Walk with the Indigenous people who settled North America and with their descendants, whose more than 500 Nations range from the Arctic Circle across the Great Plains and to the Eastern Seaboard. Lakota, Cherokee, Navajo, Haida: these Nations and many others are profiled in engaging entries and portrayed in magnificent images and maps that authentically evoke each Nation's history and character.

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America's Gift: What the World Owes to the Americas and Its First Inhabitants, paper ed


America's Gift: What the World Owes to the Americas and Its First Inhabitants is a handy reference guide to the contributions of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas to the world. First issued in French as L'Indien gÚnÚreux. Ce que le monde doit aux AmÚriques, this 2009 edition is its first English printing. Organized in dictionary format, the book includes lists of food items, borrowed terms, place names, sports, transportation methods, clothing, and agricultural methods. Each basic description provides a definition that ranges from a few sentences to a full-page explanation.

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Place Names of Canada, 2nd edition, paper ed


Place Names of Canada is the second edition of the highly accesible reference guide to the place names in Canada. The guide references 5075 main entries of the cities, towns, villages, counties, large lakes, islands, mountains (over 2900 metres), as well as the more widely known capes, points, straits, channels and bays. The compiler identifies the major sources for the reference entries and includes the geographic location, the derivation for the name, and often a brief history of the place's origin. This is a useful resouce book for public and school libraries.

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American Indian Oral History Manual: Making Many Voices Heard, The, paper ed UNAVAILABLE


The American Indian Oral History Manual: Making Many Voices Heard is a how-to guide suitable for anyone involved in collecting interviews for an oral history project with Aboriginal Peoples. The authors have years of experience in conducting and managing oral history projects. Charles E. Trimble is Lakota and principal founder of the American Indian Press Association in 1970; Barbara W. Sommer is a founder of the Oral History Association of Minnesota and the Nebraska Foundation for the Preservation of Oral History; and Mary Kay Quinlan is editor of the Oral History Association Newsletter.

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American Indian Places: A Historical Guide Book, hardcover ed LIMITED QUANTITY


American Indian Places: A Historical Guide Book is a reference guide to 366 places that are significant to Indigenous Peoples of the United States. The guide is an interesting mix of information about the archaeology, history, and significance of each site. The guide has contributions by 139 Native American scholars as well as those by non-Native American archaeologists and historians. Organized into cultural region the guide covers the Plains, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Far West.

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Cambridge Companion to Native American Literature, The, paper ed Out of Print


The Cambridge Companion to Native American Literature is one of the titles in the series, Cambridge Companions to Literature. This volume covers the historical, cultural, and gender contexts of the wealth of literature produced by Native American writers since the late eighteenth century. The book consists of seventeen essays written by well-known scholars in the field and include Kenneth M. Roemer, Joy Porter, David Murray, Annette Van Dyke, Bernd Peyer, Hertha D. Sweet Wong, Norma C. Wilson, A.

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Handbook of Native American Mythology, paper ed


Handbook of Native American Mythology is one of the titles in the Oxford University Press series, Handbooks of World Mythology. Librarians Dawn Bastian and Judy Michell have compiled a general introduction to the traditional legends and stories of the Indigenous Peoples of North America. The reference work offers readers an introduction to the scope and nature of these traditional stories or legends, the cultural regions of North America, and sections about the importance of myths, and sources.

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Do All Indians Live in Tipis?: Questions and Answers from the National Museum of the American Indian, second edition, paper ed


Do All Indians Live in Tipis?: Questions and Answers from the National Museum of the American Indian is co-published by the National Museum of the American Indian and Harper Collins Publishers. This resource guide offers answers to the most commonly asked questions about Native Americans by visitors to the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. Native American staff at the museum offer thoughtful, concise answers to 100 questions about American Indians in the United States.

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Simply Living: The Spirit of the Indigenous People, paper ed


Simply Living: The Spirit of the Indigenous People offers a unique collection of over 500 quotes from 240 Indigenous Peoples from around the world. The quotes are arranged into themes such as greetings, creation, children, love, relationships, music, the environment, healing, health, and peace. Each quote identifies the source and many are a single sentence. A map of the continents and a list of countries and Indigenous peoples are also included.

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Cherokee Encyclopedia, A, hardcover ed


A Cherokee Encyclopedia is a general reference book about the history and culture of the Cherokee Nation. This overview provides 278-pages of information about the important people of Cherokee history such as Joe Byrd, Sequoyah, Anna Mitchell, Jane Osti, John Ross, Redbird Smith, and Joe Thornton. In addition brief entries about significant Cherokee events and topics such as Cherokee language, Echota, medicine, removal, and the recognized Nations (Cherokee Nation, the Eastern Band of Cherokees, and the United Keetoowah Band) are included. Author Robert J.

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