Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America, hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America is the revised and updated third edition of the reference title first issued in 2001. The encyclopedia is organized in the standard style of the anthological approach to Native North American Nations. The author organizes the material according to the major cultural regions of Canada and the United States. The inclusion of detailed maps and photographs and illustrations make this reference a resource unique. The colour plates created by artist Richard Hook are historically and culturally accurate.

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Native American Placenames of the United States, paper ed


Native American Placenames of the United States is a 600-page reference book about the Native American origin of 11,000 place names in the United States. Organized as a dictionary, the late author had painstakingly assembled American placenames with American Indian origin. While he noted in the introduction that this is by no means a comprehensive listing, this reference work contains valuable information about the place names derived from Native languages.

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Encyclopedia of North American Indians, The, 11 volumes, hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT The Encyclopedia of North American Indians was published in 1997 by Marshall Cavendish and remains useful for senior elementary and high school students. Editor D. L. Birchfield, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, is a professor of Native Studies and oversaw the contribution of 56 scholars, including 40 Native American writers. The 875 entries are organized alphabetically and range from a few paragraphs to several pages in this 11 volume set. The entries cover the history and cultural traditions of Aboriginal Peoples from the Arctic to South America.

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Anishinaubae Thesaurus, paper ed


Anishinaubae Thesaurus is a unique Ojibwe language resource by noted linguist Basil Johnston. This thesaurus provides Ojibwe language teachers and students with a handy reference for synonyms and antonyms. Johnston notes in the introduction that his purpose was to provide a starting point for creating a listing of commonly used nouns, verbs, prefixes, suffixes, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and pronouns in thesaurus format. This thesaurus is practical because it lists the names and uses of 250 plants, topographical features, and 650 prefixes.

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Daily Life of Native Americans in the Twentieth Century, hardcover ed NO LONGER AVAILABLE


NO LONGER AVAILABLE Daily Life of Native Americans in the Twentieth Century is a title in the Greenwood Press series, Daily Life Through History. This volume covers everyday life of Native North Americans in topic areas such as family and women's roles; economics; language and education; material life; political life and tribal government; recreational life and sports; religious life; art, music and entertainment; environment and resources; Indian humour; Indian gaming; health and medicine; and being Indian in the twentieth century. The entries are straightforward and readable.

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Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians, paper ed


Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians contains excerpts from the University of Nebraska's Encyclopedia of the Great Plains first issued in 2004. This new edition features 123 entries and the introductory essay from the original Great Plains encyclopedia. These entries cover First Nations, Métis, and Native Americans from Canada and the United States. All entries have specific connection to the Great Plains cultural region of North America. This 2007 edition includes 23 new entries as well as additional photographs.

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Languages of Native North America, The, 3rd printing LIMITED SUPPLY


Comprehensive survey of the Indigenous languages of North America. Linguist Marianne Mithun provides an overview of the linguistic structures that characterize these unique languages and catalogues the language families found in North America. An outstanding linguistic reference that is part of the Cambridge University Press series, Cambridge Language Surveys, which offers general accounts of the major language families of the world.

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