Indian Treaties and Surrenders Volume 1, paper ed


Indian Treaties and Surrenders Volume 1 is the reprint of the original 1891 text that contains the complete collection of pre-Confederation treaties, land cessions, numbered treaties, and surrenders from 1680 - 1890. The entire collection is contained in three volumes. Volume I contains an index of all the documents, arranged alphabetically by First Nation, township, and the name of the Crown's representative. The documents are arranged chronologically. Each volume includes pullout maps. Volume I contains Treaties Number 1-138.

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People of the Pipe: Cayuga-English Lexicon UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE People of the Pipe: Cayuga-English Lexicon is a 63-page book containing more than 1100 commonly used words. G. Marjorie Henry, Cayuga language instructor, developed this lexicon for students learning Cayuga. Cayuga words are written in the Henry Orthography developed at Six Nations of the Grand River. The text is organized alphabetically according to the English words making this lexicon useful for beginners as well as language teachers. This is an essential language resource for anyone studying the Cayuga language. An audiocassette is also available.

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Blackfoot Grammar, reprint


Blackfoot Grammar is a valuable language resource for the layperson and linguist. Based on decades of research, this book can serve as a reference text for courses on the structure of Blackfoot, as well as a reference grammar for linguists. The early chapters are useful for anyone learning about Blackfoot and they cover the basics of Blackfoot grammar. The remaining chapters are technical and require careful reading of the early chapters in order to grasp the previously introduced concepts and terms.

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Blackfoot Dictionary of Stems, Roots and Affixes, The - 2nd edition, paper ed


The Blackfoot Dictionary of Stems, Roots and Affixes is the second edition of the dictionary originally published in 1989. This edition contains 300 new entries and amplifies over 1000 other entries. It contains more than 4,000 Blackfoot-English entries and an English index of more than 5,000 entries. Cultural terms are included in this comprehensive guide to the vocabulary of the Siksika language spoken in Alberta and Montana. Donald Frantz is Professor of Native Studies, University of Lethbridge.

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Tuscarora-English/English-Tuscarora Dictionary, hardcover ed


Tuscarora-English/English-Tuscarora Dictionary is an important contribution to the study of the Tuscarora language. Designed for Tuscarora people learning their language, as well as anthropologists, historians, language teachers, and linguists, this dictionary includes the work of previous scholars and the recent work of linguist Blair Rudes. The dictionary contains a Tuscarora/English, English/Tuscarora, index of proper names, index of interjections and expressive vocabulary, and index to grammatical morphemes.

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Writing Experience, The: An Iroquois Guide to Writing Storytelling UNAVAILABLE


The Writing Experience: An Iroquois Guide to Written Storytelling is the first writing manual for Native People. Writer Richard Green from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Ontario has masterfully compiled this how-to guide based on his years of professional experience as a writer, editor and teacher. From the opening chapters, Green covers cultural differences, examines why individuals should tell their stories and why they have may not have succeeded in the past. The book lays out step-by-step, the proven professional methods for the creation of a short story.

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Delaware Reference Grammar OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher Delaware Reference Grammar presents a comprehensive treatment of the Delaware language as spoken by the Delaware Nation at Moraviantown in southern Ontario. This book is a companion volume to Delaware/English - English/Delaware Dictionary. Together the two texts provide a valuable resource for an endangered language.

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Dictionary of Native American Mythology OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT Dictionary of Native American Mythology is an illustrated guide with more than 1,000 entries covering the key figures, ceremonies, healing rites, and “myths” of more than one hundred North American Indian cultures. The authors have approached the subject from the ethnohistorical perspective and rely entirely on scholarly texts by anthropologists and ethnohistorians for their sources. The entries for ceremonies of a particular Nation reflect an outsider's point of view.

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First Nations Tribal Directory: Canadian Edition OUT OF PRINT


First Nations Tribal Directory: Canadian Edition is an indispensable reference directory of First Nations in Canada produced annually by Arrowfax. The first part of the directory contains all entries arranged alphabetically. Band governments and organizations are arranged by category according to province. Businesses are arranged by category. The directory provides address, phone and fax numbers for each entry. A useful tool for libraries, governments, businesses and anyone who requires a ready reference to First Nations in Canada. OUT OF PRINT

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