1885 and After: Native Society in Transition, paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


1885 and After: Native Society in Transition is the Conference Proceedings for "1885 and After" held at the University of Saskatchewan in May 1985. Includes 19 academic essays by historians covering Louis Riel, Métis Resistance, Treaties, the Northwest Mounted Police, Land, Batoche, and self-government. The essay, The Indian View of the 1885 Uprising, by Blair Stonechild is a valuable piece of writing on the topic.

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Urban Indian Reserves: Forging New Relationships in Saskatchewan, paper ed


A new relationship is being forged between First Nations and municipal governments in Saskatchewan. In part this is due to the Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement, under which First Nations have received funds to acquire land in fulfillment of treaty promises. In many instances the land acquired has been in urban areas. This collection of essays examines the creation of four such urban reserves, two of which were created amidst considerable acrimony and two of which were created in political harmony between the local municipality and the First Nations band council.

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