Askiwina: A Cree World, paper ed


Askiwina: A Cree World is a collection of newspaper articles and features written by Cree reporter and writer Doug Cuthand. Organized as history the essays offer a glimpse into the Cree world as well as contemporary First Nations communities throughout Canada. The first section covers the importance of the land and the environment. Within each of the five sections, the author profiles significant First Nations leaders of the past and present. Section two discusses history as First Nations see it. The importance and power of words are discussed in section three.

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Tapwe: Selected Columns of Doug Cuthand OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher Cree journalist writes editorials for western Canadian newspapers. Some of his columns are reproduced in Tapwe (truth in Cree). Topics covered include issues facing Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: education, urbanization, social issues, justice, racism, economic, health and wellness, roles of women, and veterans.

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