Stray Dog Moccasins, paper ed, LIMITED QUANTITIES


Stray Dog Moccasins from Ningwagwe Learning Press is a young adult novel by well-known Métis/Cree author Marilyn Dumont. This adult literacy publisher has identified a need for contemporary stories for Aboriginal youth and delivers another compelling read for the reluctant readers. At 95 pages this novel captures the dreams of urban youth, Wryly, a young Métis man surviving on the streets of Edmonton while chasing his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Searching for love, hope and success while dealing with the loss of his beloved moccasins and the failing health of his aged mother.

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Initiations: A Selection of Young Native Writings, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher Initiations: A Selection of Young Native Writings is the 2007 publication of the Aboriginal Youth Challenge writing competition's winning entries. These 21 essays, poetic prose, fiction, non-fiction, biography, and poetry are written by accomplished Aboriginal youth over the three years of the Dominion Institute's Our Story Writing Challenge. The youth were given the general task of writing a narrative that portrayed a moment in time of First Nations history. The age categories were 14-18 and 19-29.

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