Tekahionwake: E. Pauline Johnson's Writings on Native North America, paper ed


Tekahionwake: E Pauline Johnson's Writings on Native North America edited by English professors Margery Fee and Dory Nason have assembled an anthology of poems, fiction, and nonfiction about the so-called Indigenous question as it was examined in the nineteenth century and early twentieth centuries.  Emily Pauline Johnson, also known as Tekahionwake, is remarkable as one of a very few early North American Indigenous poets and fiction writers.

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Literary Land Claims: The Indian Land Question from Pontiac's War to Attawapiskat, paper ed


Literary Land Claims: From Pontiac’s War to Attawapiskat analyzes works produced between 1832 and the late 1970s by writers who resisted these dominant notions. Margery Fee, professor of English at the University of British Columbia, where she has taught Indigenous literature since 1996, examines the standard notions of Canadian literature that views the land as Canadians' home and native land, and has been used as evidence of the civilization needed to claim and rule that land.

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