Views From Fort Battleford: Constructing Visions of an Anglo-Canadian West, paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


The myth of the mounties as neutral arbiters between Aboriginal peoples and incoming settlers remains a cornerstone of the western Canadian narrative of a peaceful frontier experience that differs dramatically from its American equivalent. Walter Hildebrandt eviscerates this myth, placing the NWMP and early settlement in an international framework of imperialist plunder and the imposition of colonialist ideology. Fort Battleford, as an architectural endeavour, and as a Euro-Canadian settlement, oozed British and central Canadian values.

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True Spirit and Original Intent of Treaty 7, The, paper ed


The True Spirit and Original Intent of Treaty 7 is based on the testimony of over 80 Elders from the five First Nations involved in Treaty 7: the Bloods, Peigans, Siksika, Stoney, and Tsuu T'ina. Their recollections highlight the grave misconceptions and misrepresentations between the two sides, due in part to inadequate interpretation and/or deliberate attempts to mislead.

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Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan: Our Dream is That Our Peoples Will One Day Be Clearly Recognized as Nations, 2nd printing


Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan: Our Dream is That Our Peoples Will One Day Be Clearly Recognized as Nations examines the treaty relationship in Saskatchewan as understood by the Elders. After interviewing 160 Saskatchewan Elders, the authors have organized the findings into understandings of the spiritual principles of peace and sharing as these make up the concepts of kinship, governance, and right to livelihood.

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Cypress Hills, The: The Land and Its People, paper ed


Walter Hildebrandt and Brian Hubner explain why the Cypress Hills, 2,600 square kilometre plateau straddling the western Canada-US border, were an important gathering place for Aboriginal peoples for thousands of years, and why the Canadian government didn't want them there. The First Nations and the Métis came because game and lodge pole pine were plentiful. Fur traders came too, and as The Cypress Hills shows, the clashes between these different worlds lead to the 1873 massacre.

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