People of the Whale: A Novel, hardcover ed


People of the Whale: A Novel by award-winning Chickasaw wrier offers readers a story about a Vietnam veteran who returns home after the war to find that all has changed. The hero, Thomas W. Just, was raised in a northern Pacific Coast village where his grandfather was a man with great spirital powers. Forced by peer pressure Thomas enlists and finds himself in a wartorn country and far from family and his childhood sweetheart. Thomas has a son with his wife Ruth and also a daughter with a Vietnamese woman.

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Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World, paper ed


Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World is a collection of 16 essays or meditations by Chickasaw poet and novelist Linda Hogan. Whether relating her personal experiences such as participating in a sweat lodge or observing a magnificent eagle, the author brings the reader into the natural and internal worlds of an Indigenous poet. Her moving essays ask the reader to respect the environment and she calls on everyone to see ourselves as an integral part of the ecosystem.

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Woman Who Watches Over the World, The, paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


LIMITED QUANTITY In The Woman Who Watches Over the World: A Native Memoir by Chickasaw writer Linda Hogan, the author says she sat down to write a book about pain and ended up writing about love. She recounts her difficult childhood as the daughter of an army sergeant, her love affair at age fifteen with an older man, the legacy of alcoholism, the troubled history of her adopted daughters, and her own physical struggles since a recent horse accident.

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