Nez Perce Country, paper ed


Nez Perce Country by historian Alvin M. Josephy Jr. (1915û2005) details the cultural history of the people known as Nimiipuu (Nez Perce). This readable account describes their cultural traditions and well as their tragic post-contact history. The book contains an index, map, and historical images of many important Nez Perce people including Chief Joseph. This posthumous publication of Josephy's work includes an important introduction by Jeremy FiveCrows. Recommended for anyone interested in American Indian history.

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Lewis and Clark: Through Indian Eyes, hardcover ed


Lewis and Clark: Through Indian Eyes is a collection of nine essays collected by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition. This unique collection consists of essays by Native historians, authors, professors and tribal executives who offer highly personal and reflective perspectives on this much-celebrated in America. They bring a first-hand account of the overwhelming effects of this standard American history phenomenon on their tribal community. Contributors include the late Vine Deloria, N.

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America in 1492: The World of the Indian Peoples Before the Arrival of Columbus, paper ed


America in 1492: The World of the Indian Peoples Before the Arrival of Columbus, originally published in 1992, is reissued and explores the lives and cultures of the people who lived in various regions of the Western hemisphere. This volume examines topics such as Indigenous languages, religion, society, trade, science and technology, and the arts. When Columbus landed in 1492, the New World was far from being a vast expanse of empty wilderness: it was home to some seventy-five million people.

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Red Power: The American Indians' Fight For Freedom, paper ed


Red Power is a classic documentary history of the American Indian activist movement. This landmark second edition considerably expands and updates the original, illustrating the development of American Indian political activism from the 1960s through the end of the twentieth century. Included in the fifty selections are influential statements by Indian organizations and congressional committees, the texts of significant laws, and the articulate voices of individuals such as Clyde Warrior, Vine Deloria Jr., Dennis Banks, Wilma Mankiller, Ada Deer, and Russell Means.

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