Redskins: Insult and Brand, hardcover ed


Redskins: Insult and Brand examines how the ongoing struggle over the team name raises important questions about how white Americans perceive American Indians, about the cultural power of consumer brands, and about continuing obstacles to inclusion and equality. C. Richard King examines the history of the Washington Redskins franchise name, the evolution of the term redskin, and the various ways in which people both support and oppose its use today.

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Animating Difference: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Films for Children, paper ed


Animating Difference: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Films for Children is one of the titles in the Perspectives on a Multiracial America Series from Roman and Littlefield Publishing. Authors C. Richard King, Carmen Lugo-Lugo, and Mary Bloodworth-Lugo analyze films since 1990 released, by Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, and Twentieth Century Fox as they relate to race, gender and sexuality. Ranging from Aladdin to Toy Story to Up, these popular films are key media through which children (and adults) learn about the world and how to behave.

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Native American Mascot Controversy: A Handbook, The, hardcover ed


The Native American Mascot Controversy: A Handbook is a collection of 19 essays edited by C Richard King about the historical background and continuing education problems associated with the school team mascot issue. The volume is backed with arguments against the so-called benign practice of educational institutions assigning Native American logos to their sports teams. In addition papers about the psychological toll this practice takes on the Native American students attending the particular institution are included.

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Native Athletes in Sport and Society, paper ed


Native Athletes in Sport and Society contains eleven fascinating essays about various aspects of men's and women's sports efforts and accomplishments as Native athletes in Canada and the United States. The various authors discuss the way Native American sports figures managed to retain their identity in a mainstream sports world that did not welcome ethnic players. Issues include representation, identity, racism, power, assimilation, adaptation, class, and difference as these factors played out in team and individual sports.

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Team Spirits, The Native American Mascots Controversy, paper ed


Team Spirits, The Native American Mascots Controversy contains 15 essays about the controversial issue over the demeaning use of American Indians as team mascots. Professional sports teams, college sports teams, and high schools have used and abused various Native American images as team mascots. In many cases, such as the Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, and University of Illinois's Chief Illiniwek, these images are racist and derogatory. Many school teams have retired their Native American mascots and replaced them with more favourable images.

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