Families, paper ed


Families is a 32-page picture published by Inhabit Media about a grade two student who attends school in his home community of Iqaluit. The simple book explains a variety of families living in the town from single parent home, a home with a mother, father and child,  a girl with two mothers, a boy with two fathers, a girl living with her grandmother, and a boy with two families—a father in Iqaluit and a mother in Ottawa. The student begins to realize that no matter your own kind of family if there is caring and love that is what counts.

Price: $10.95

Sukaq and the Raven


In the picture book Sukaq and the Raven, Sukaq loves to drift off to sleep listening to his mother tell him stories. His favourite story is the tale of how a raven created the world. But this time, as his mother begins to tell the story and his eyelids become heavy, he is suddenly whisked away on the wings of the raven to ride along as the entire world is formed! This traditional legend from Inuit storyteller Roy Goose is brought to life through co-author Kerry McCluskey's jubilant retelling.

Price: $16.95

Tulugaq: An Oral History of Ravens, paper ed


Tulugaq: An Oral History of Ravens is a collection of 69 stories, legends, and anecdotes collected over a 15-year period by northern journalist Kerry McCluskey. Released in 2013 this volume is organized into themes such as creation, myths and legends, trickster, scavenger, and doom and gloom. Each section contains numerous colour photographs, many taken by the author. The collector spoke to many Inuit elders and community members across the Arctic, including non-Aboriginal northerners. Names of the contributors are included at the back of the book.

Price: $24.95