Neekah's Knitting Needles, hardcover ed.


Neekah's Knitting Needles is a delightful story about learning to knit in the Cowichan style based on the knitting of Cowichan people from near Port Alberni. In Neekah’s Knitting Needles, the knittling style is based on the work of Odelia Smith from Tsartlip First Nation near Victoria, B.C. Coast Salish knitting is also part of a National Film Board documentary, The Story of the Coast Salish Knitters. Sheena Lot is a picture book illustrator and has won numerous awards for her work. In Neekah’s Knitting Needles Neekah is finally old enough to learn to knit.

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Yetsa's Sweater, paper ed


Yetsa's Sweater is a charming picture book by Sylvia Olsen about the women of the Coast Salish who continue to create beautiful Cowichan sweaters. It is an effective picture book that demonstrates First Nations experiential learning. Yetsa is spending time with her grandmother assisting in the preparation of the sheep's wool needed to knit these amazing one-of-a-kind sweaters. The story and illustrations show the love and understanding between the generations as Yetsa's mother joins the group to complete the many tasks needed to make the wool ready for knitting.

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Which Way Should I Go? paper ed


Which Way Should I Go is a recent picture book written by Sylvia Olsen and based on the memories of Olsen's friend Ron Martin. This picture book offers young children an opportunity to understand that we all have choices to make in our lives even if we are young. Joey is a young Nuuchahnulth boy who has a happy and cheerful disposition. Even his friend, his teacher, and the store owner notice that Joey always has a smile on his face.

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Molly's Promise, paper ed


Molly's Promise by author Sylvia Olsen is part of the Orca Young Readers Series. Seventh-grade student Molly Jacobs attends school with both First Nation and non-First Nation students. Her best friends include Murphy, from Olsen's earlier title Murphy and Mousetrap, who lives on the nearby First Nation. Molly's father is First Nation and it has just been the two of them since she was an infant. Her mother is white but Molly has does not remember her and her father won't talk about the past. In addition to dealing with identity issues and fitting in at school, Molly has a secret.

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Counting on Hope, paper ed


Award-winning writer Sylvia Olsen's sensitively drawn depiction of innocence lost and wisdom hard won, Counting on Hope tells the story of an English girl named Hope and a Lamalcha girl named Letia, whose lives are profoundly changed when their two cultures meet. The action is set against the backdrop of the confusing events surrounding the English colonization of British Columbia and an 1863 naval assault on Kuper Island. Alternating between free verse and prose, Counting on Hope follows the girls' individual story lines before, during and after their meeting.

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Working With Wool: A Coast Salish Legacy and the Cowichan Sweater, hardcover ed


Working With Wool: A Coast Salish Legacy and the Cowichan Sweater presents the history, economic and cultural significance of the creation of the wool sweaters known as Cowichan Sweaters for the Coast Salish women who produce and market them. Written by Sylvia Olsen as her Master's thesis, this award-winning author combines her own passion as a knitter and her 40-year experience wool-working with Coast Salish women to create a valuable and highly readable book. The sweaters developed from the goat wool blankets created by Coast Salish women for generations.

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Different Game, A, paper ed


A Different Game is part of the Orca Young Readers Series and is the sequel to Murphy and Mousetrap by author Sylvia Olsen. The same characters are back at school and are entering grade seven. The sport of soccer is popular and the fabulous four, Murphy, Danny, Jeff and Albert have moved on from the reserve school to a community middle school. The group tries out for the soccer team and it is then that the friends wonder what is ailing Albert, the reserve school's soccer superstar. Murphy finds a new friendship with Molly and the group all try to determine what is the matter with Albert.

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Just Ask Us: A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms, paper ed


Just Ask Us: A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms written by Sylvia Olsen was funded as a project by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. After Sylvia Olsen's daughter announced her pregnancy, this author and loving mother saw, what could be termed a crisis by some, as an opportunity to understand this cultural and national phenomenon of the teen mom. Olsen began her research by contacting and locating 13 teen and young adult moms who were from ages 15 through 24.

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White Girl, paper ed


Fifteen-year-old Josie Jessop goes from blending into the crowd to being the White Girl when her mother marries a First Nations man and moves them to his house on a reserve outside the city, where she must come to terms with her new home, new school, and new family amidst very few friendly faces. Josie has to come to terms with being identified as the White girl on the reserve as she strives to fit in and make this new family situation work. Josie must find her inner integrity with the help and guidance of her step-grandmother.

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Girl with a Baby, The, paper ed


The Girl with a Baby is a novel by author Sylvia Olsen, who married into the Tsartlip First Nation, where she has raised her four children. Jane, one of the most popular girls and best students in her school, loses her good reputation when she has a baby at the age of fourteen, but as her grandmother predicted, Jane learns that motherhood has only made her stronger. ATOS Reading Level: 4.4; Reading Level: 4.4. Author Website:

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