Warrior Life: Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence, paper ed.


In Warrior Life: Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence, Pamela Palmater, Mi'kmaw lawyer, author, speaker and activist, addresses a range of Indigenous issues — empty political promises, ongoing racism, sexualized genocide, government lawlessness, and the lie that is reconciliation — and makes the complex political and legal implications accessible to the public.

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Indigenous Nationhood: Empowering Grassroots Citizens, paper ed


Indigenous Nationhood: Empowering Grassroots Citizens is a current selection of blog posts (2010 to 2015) by well-known lawyer, activist and academic Pamela Palmater. Palmater offers critical legal and political commentary and analysis on legislation, Aboriginal rights, Canadian politics, First Nations politics and social issues such as murdered and missing Indigenous women, poverty, economics, education, sovereignty, Idle No More, identity and culture.

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Beyond Blood: Rethinking Indigenous Identity, paper ed


Beyond Blood: Rethinking Indigenous Identity is based on Mi'kmaw lawyer Pamela Palmater's 2009 thesis about the role of the Indian Act in determination of Indian status in terms of current Indigenous understandings of identity and self-government. She provides an overview of the federal legislation that defined Indian status and non-status; Aboriginal Identity in a Liberal Democracy; Indian Act Inequality; Charter Equality; Remedying Inequality for Non-Status Indians; Band Membership vs. Self-Government Citizenship; and Rethinking Indigenous Identity and Belonging.

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