Remember Me: Tomah Joseph's Gift to Franklin Roosevelt, hardcover ed


Remember Me: Tomah Joseph's Gift to Franklin Roosevelt is a children's picture book written by Passamaquoddy legislator Donald Soctomah and Mary Beth Owen about the gift of a birchbark canoe from Tomah Joseph to a young Franklin Roosevelt. Today a birchbark canoe is housed in the museum at Roosevelt Campobello International Park in New Brunswick. This canoe was made by Passamaquoddy canoe builder, guide, and tribal leader Tomah Joseph and gifted to the future 32nd President of the United States in 1905.

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Tihtiyas and Jean, paper ed


Tihtiyas and Jean is a trilingual picture book that retells a Passamaquoddy legend and also introduces the idea of contact with the French. The French title is Tihtiyas et Jean and is written in English with the French translation by Nathalie Gagnon. The Passamaquoddy title is Tihtiyas naka Jean and is translated by Donald Soctomah. The main character is a 12-year-old Passamaquoddy girl named Tihtiyas. She lives with her extended family near the mouth of the Schoodic River. One day she retells her younger brother the traditional story about Glooscap and Wuchowsen, the Wind-blower.

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