Kayanerenko:wa The Great Law of Peace, paper ed


Kayanerenko:wa The Great Law of Peace written by Kayanesenh Paul Williams is an important addition to the literature about the Haudenosaunee and their founding principles of governance carried within the Great Law of Peace. Legal scholar, negotiator and historian, Paul Williams brings his personal experiences and legal knowledge and skills to the presentation of the Great Law in a highly accessible written text.

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Council Fire: A Resource Guide OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT Council Fire: A Resource Guide is a publication produced by the Woodland Cultural Centre. The book describes the role of governance in two traditional First Nations - the Six Nations Iroquois and the Ojibwe. The Resource Guide presents the historical background to the repatriation of fourteen wampum belts from a museum to their home community. These wampum records are important to the functioning of the Iroquois traditional government. A brief history of the Six Nations community and the establishment of The Great Law of Peace are presented from the Iroquois perspective.

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