My Life with the Salmon, paper ed


Diane Honey Jacobson's latest book, My Life with the Salmon, is an important comment about First Nations efforts to save the salmon and her personal youthful journey to find meaning and a sense of place in life. Like the style in her first book My Life in a Kwagu'l Big House, Diane's style in My Life with the Salmon is full of action, amazing adventures and fascinating connections between land, water and people. In My Life with the Salmon, we follow Honey through sometimes hilarious and sometimes difficult periods but we always learn a life lesson.

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Kesu: The Art and Life of Doug Cranmer, paper ed


Kesu: The Art and Life of Doug Cranmer is the beautifully illustrated book that records of the art, life, and influence of Doug Cranmer who called himself a "whittler" or "doodler" but who embodied "Indigenous modern" well before the term had been coined. Cranmer pioneered abstract and non-figurative paintings using Northwest Coast ovoids and U-shapes; embraced the practice of silk-screening on wood, paper, and burlap; and adapted power tools to new applications in art. Cranmer, a long-time teacher and mentor, inspired generations of young Northwest Coast artists in Alert Bay and beyond.

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Aboriginal Peoples: Toward Self-Government, paper ed


Aboriginal Peoples: Toward Self-Government was published in 1994 as Des Peuples enfin reconnus. This English edition was translated by Arnold Bennett. The volume is edited by Marie Leger, a sociologist. Contributors include: Ted Moses, Pierre Lepage, Alejandro Morgado Zacarias, Herlinda Zacarias Hernandez, Beatriz Perrone-Moisés, and Paulo Machado. The five chapters detail accounts of negotiations securing recognition and self-government by Indigenous peoples in Mexico, Colombia and Nicaragua, Panama and Brazil.

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Falcon: The Narrative of the Captivity of John Tanner, The, paper ed


The Falcon: The Narrative of the Captivity of John Tanner is the memoir and autobiography of John Tanner (1780-1846?), who wrote the original work in 1830. His life growing up in Kentucky changed forever when he was captured by the Shawnee along the Ohio River in 1789. He was later adopted by the Ojibwe and went on to become a fully adopted member holding the name, Shaw-Shaw-Wa Be-Na-Se (Falcon).

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Living Maya: Ancient Wisdom in the Era of 2012, The, paper ed


The Living Maya: Ancient Wisdom in the Era of 2012 by the director of Stetson University's Latin American Studies program Robert Sitler offers the general reader an introduction to the Maya culture and beliefs as these relate to the much publicized 2012 phenomenon. With thirty plus years study and actively working with the Maya people, the author discusses various aspects of Maya cultural traditions in an effort to provide valuable lessons Mayan culture can teach us in this time of transition.

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Bad Medicine: A Judge's Struggle for Justice in a First Nations Community, paper ed


Bad Medicine: A Judge's Struggle for Justice in a First Nations Community by Alberta Provincial Court Judge John Reilly writes his memoir of his time as a judge who presided over cases involving Stoney reserve residents. The book is a scathing indictment of the band leadership especially that of the late Chief John Snow. Reilly writes that when he met Chief Snow "I shook his hand. It was an eerie feeling.

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Invasion of Canada: Battles of the War of 1812, The, paper ed


The Invasion of Canada: Battles of the War of 1812 by Ronald Dale, historian and the Superintendent of Niagara National Historic Sites, including Fort George and Brock's Monument, provides an accessible account about the battles that occurred in Ontario during the War of 1812. He provides overviews of battles such as Queenston Heights, Beaver Dams, Moraviantown and others. Persons of interest include General Brock, Tecumseh, John Norton, and Laura Secord. The role of First Nations on the side of the British is acknowledged.

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Where the Tall Grass Grows: Becoming Indigenous and the Mythological Legacy of the American West, paper ed


In this entertaining and thought-provoking book, noted historian and musician Bobby Bridger explores the impact of Native American culture on the American psyche. The book also examines the impact of Indigenous American mythology on contemporary identity and the development of modern popular entertainment, particularly the Hollywood film industry.

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Teaching Transformation: Transcultural Classroom Dialogues, paper ed


Teaching Transformation: Transcultural Classroom Dialogues draws on Indigenous belief systems and recent work in critical race studies and multicultural-feminist theory to provide detailed step-by-step suggestions, based on the author's teaching experiences, designed to anticipate students' resistance to social-justice issues and encourage them to change. She offers a holistic approach to theory and practice. AnaLouise Keating is Professor of Women's Studies at Texas Woman's University.

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indiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas, paper ed


IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas accompanies the groundbreaking exhibition of the same title developed by the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in partnership with the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) and the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES). Through the concepts of policy, community, creative resistance, and lifeways, the exhibition and publication examine the long overlooked history of Native American and African American intersections in the Americas.

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