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a beautiful rebellion (Pre-Order for April 10/23)
A Council of Dolls : A Novel (Pre-Order for Aug 8/23)
A Girl Called Echo Omnibus (Pre-Order for Sept 12/23)
A Grandmother Begins the Story (Pre-Order for May 9/23)
A Quiet Storm (Pre-Order for Aug 29/23)
Sale price$12.95
A Quiet Storm (Pre-Order for Aug 29/23)
SKU: 9781570674150
After the Fire & The Particulars (Pre-Order for Mar 28, 2023)
Ahiahia the Orphan (Pre-Order for Aug 2/23)
Sale price$19.95
Ahiahia the Orphan (Pre-Order for Aug 2/23)
SKU: 9781772274431
Âmî Osâwâpikones / Dear Dandelion (Pre-Order for May 23/23)
And Then She Fell : A Novel (Pre-Order for Sept 26/23)
Auntie's Rez Surprise (Pre-Order for Sept 19/23)
Bernice and the Georgian Bay Gold (Pre-Order for May 16/23)
Billy Buckhorn and the Book of Spells : Thunder Child Prophecy series Book 1
Calling for a Blanket Dance PB (Pre-Order for Jul 25/23)
Carving Space : Indigenous Voices Awards Anthology (Pre-Order for May 9/23)
Chaque Enfant Compte (Every Child Matters) (Pre-Order for Aug 8/23) (FR)
Chasseurs d'étoiles / Hunting by Stars (Pre-Order for June 6/23)
Cinq Petits Indiens (Five Little Indians) (Pre-Order for May 5/23)

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