Ahiahia the Orphan (Pre-Order for Aug 2/23)

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Levi Illuitok
Nate Wells
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Book Type:
Inhabit Media
Copyright Data:
Publication Date:
Aug 2/23

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Levi Illuitok was born in Qilijauqtuaq, Kugaaruk, a community in Nunavut. While growing up, he and his family travelled by land and did not stay in one place for long. Levi enjoys going out on the land and hunting. He also teaches his traditional knowledge to students.

Nate Wells is an illustrator and designer.

After his parents are brutally murdered, Ahiahia is raised by his grandmother in a camp surrounded by enemies. His grandmother knows that eventually the camp will turn on Ahiahia, just as it did his parents, so she chants a protection chant over the clothing that she lovingly sews for him, over the amulet and necklace she gives him, even over the dog that is his companion. When he is attacked, Ahiahia must use his agility, hunting skills, and the protection imparted by his grandmother to stay alive. This traditional story is retold by Kugaaruk Elder Levi Illuitok, and illustrated in a comic book style by Nate Wells, giving life to an ancient story for new generations to enjoy.  Full-colour illustrations throughout.

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