Learning and Teaching an Ancestral Language: Stories from Manitoba Teachers-limited quantities

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Violet Okemaw
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Within this book, Violet Okemaw, PhD documents teachers language teaching methods and students learning practices based on teacher interviews, classroom observations, artifacts, and reflections on the researchers’ own personal educational experiences. The book investigates whether and to what extent Anishinaabe language teachers incorporate Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) and bimaadiziwin (“way of life”) in their teaching of the Anishinaabe language and its literacies.

Violet Okemaw, originally from Berens River First Nation, speaks fluent Anishinaabe and commends her parents and grandparents for her strong linguistic and cultural background. In 1984, Violet received her Bachelor of Education degree and later graduated with a Master in Education Degree at the University of Manitoba. She has taught elementary and secondary students and was as a school administrator. Violet has worked with MFNERC for several years. Violet graduated with her PhD in June 2019 at the University of Alberta. Her research is based on developing a deep understanding of the relationships among Anishinaabe language and literacies, Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS), and bimaadiziwin (“a way of life”) in the Anishinaabe language by exploring current Aboriginal language teaching and learning practices. 

"This is an important piece that will be of value to the developing field of Indigenous language education. Given that Indigenous language revitalization and celebration is frequently localized in regard to community and national relevance, this book’s focus on the Anishinaabe experience in Manitoba is powerful. A great book!" - Frank Deer, PhD Canada Research Chair & Associate Professor Faculty of Education University of Manitoba.

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