Stoney Language in Stoney Country Îethka Îabi ne Îethka Mâkocî nen, paperback ed. (Nov 1/21)

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Fox, Trent||Fox, Tina|Wesley, Trudy|Wesley, Natasha
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One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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Durvile & Uproute Books
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Nov 1/21

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Stoney Language in Stoney Country features the Îethka (Stoney) First Nation language in context and in action. Tatâga Thkan Wagich (Trent Fox), Editor Trent is author of Watâga Wîyâ Îethkahâ A’s, Â’s, B’s ze yuthpe wîchakiyach, Grizzly Bear Woman Teaches the A’s, Â’s & B’s, and editor and orthographer of the collection. Îyâ Sa Wîyâ (Tina Fox), Author Tina Fox is author of Îyâ Sa Wîyâ Wahogû-kiyabi Cha, Red Mountain Woman Receives a Teaching. She is a passionate advocate for the retention of the Îethka language. Mînî Thnî (Trudy Wesley), Author Trudy Westley is author of Ne Îethka Makochî Chach, This is Our Home. She is the sixth generation of the hereditary holy medicine man, Chief Hector Crawler. Îyarhe Wiyapta (Natasha Wesley), Author Natasha Wesley is author of Îethkaîhâ Yawabi, Counting in Stoney. In the Stoney language, her name Îyarhe Wiyapta means Shining Mountains. Illustrations in the book are by Tanisha Wesley. Stoney Language in Stoney Country contains a collection of stories by Stoney authors ranging from alphabet lesson to stories from legend. To assist in nuances of the language, the book also includes an orthography, a glossary, and audio components as web links. The Stoney Nakoda People are an integral part of the Treaty 7 group of Indigenous Nations in Southern Alberta and their spoken language is part of the Dakota linguistic group.

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