Colouring It Forward Blackfoot

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Diana Frost
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Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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Colouring It Forward

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Colouring It Forward -- Discover Blackfoot Nation Art and Wisdom  by Diana Frost, Algonquin Métis, is more than just a colouring book. It contains authentic artwork from Blackfoot artists and teachings from the Blackfoot culture by a Blackfoot elder. In this book Diana Frost has had the privilege of working with Blackfoot Elder Camille Pablo Russell to gather traditional wisdom and with Blackfoot artists Kalum Teke Dan and Ryan Jason Allen Willertt. Inside this colouring book, you will find the Elder’s teachings and the stunning images created by Kalum and Ryan, which have been recreated for you to add your own artistic touch. With each image is a place for you to journal as you colour.

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