Medicine Paint : The Art of Dale Auger. 2nd Ed. (Pre-Order for Sept 10/24)

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Dale Auger
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Dale Auger (1958–2008) was a Sakaw Cree artist and storyteller from the Bigstone Cree Nation in northern Alberta. He was born in High Prairie, Alberta, near that province’s second-largest body of water, Lesser Slave Lake. He attended the Alberta College of Art and the University of Calgary, obtaining a master’s degree in education and a PhD in education. Mwâkwa Talks to the Loon was named Aboriginal Children’s Book of the Year at the 2006 Anskohk Aboriginal Literature Festival and Book Awards and also received the 2007 R. Ross Annett Award for Children’s Literature.

A stunning retrospective of the late Cree artist Dale Auger, featuring more than 150 of his most powerful and inspiring oil paintings.

Dale Auger was a gifted interpreter of Cree culture, using the cross-cultural medium of art to portray scenes from the everyday to the sacred and dissemble stereotypes about Indigenous Peoples. His use of bold, bright colours in oil painting explore the intricate links between spirituality and the natural laws of the land. Birds, beasts, and human forms are carried from the dreamworld onto canvas, their spirits channelled through his paintbrush and presented in brilliant yellows, mystic blues, vibrant reds, and swirls of black.

Medicine Paint is an epic collection of Auger’s best work, reproduced in glorious colour and reflecting the evolution of the artist’s distinctive style. Including a revealing look back at his life and professional development, the book is a stunning tribute to this master artist, who passed away in 2008."

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