Sea Wolves : Keepers of the Rainforest (Pre-Order for July 23/24)

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Megan Benedict, Melanie Crowder (Authors); Roy Henry Vickers (Illustrator)
Roy Henry Vickers
Grade Levels:
Two, Three, Four
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Astra Publishing House / Astra Young Readers
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Megan Benedict is a children’s book author. Melanie Crowder is an author of several books for young readers. Roy Henry Vickers is an artist, author, and a recognized leader in the First Nations community. He has received many awards and honors for his art and community involvement, including a hereditary chieftainship and several hereditary names given by the Northwest Coast First Nations. Roy has been appointed to the Order of British Columbia and to the Order of Canada, and he’s received the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals. His picture books Raven Brings the Light and Cloudwalker are award-winning bestsellers in Canada. Roy Henry Vickers dedicates this book: "I dedicate my work in Sea Wolves to my people of Gitxaala, where sea wolves are experienced to this day." Audience: Ages 4-8.

Sea Wolves: Keepers of the Rainforest is the astonishing story of a wolf species that calls the shores of western Canada and southeastern Alaska home. Here, wolves crack clams, feast on fish roe, swipe salmon from rivers, and swim miles between islands—as long observed by the First Nations communities that have lived alongside them for thousands of years.

However, with the rise of industrial logging, pipeline projects, and other threats, sea wolves face a troubled future. Wildlife experts and First Nations members agree: these majestic creatures are a vital part of the ecosystem and need to be protected.

Through beautiful verse and striking illustrations, Sea Wolves captures the fascinating life of an animal with great cultural and scientific significance—one that will inspire awe in young readers.

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