Blood Sports PB

McClelland & StewartSKU: 9780771076053

Eden Robinson
Grade Levels:
Twelve, College, University
Haisla, Pacific NW
Book Type:
McClelland & Stewart

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Acclaimed Haisla writer and novelist Eden Robinson takes the reader to the dark side of East Vancouver with this gritty and compelling novel based on the novella, Contact Sports, which appeared in her first collection, Traplines. Tom, a young man, hardly innocent, has been caught up over the years in Jeremy's world of drugs, extortion, and prostitutes, while Jeremy, vindictive, vicious, either protects Tom or uses him, but always controls him. Added to the mix is Paulie, a junkie two years clean and Tom's girlfriend, and also the mother of his daughter. This lethal triangle shifts when word gets out Tom has been talking to the police, and men from the past who have a lot to lose reappear. Suddenly Tom and Paulie are pawns in a much larger game, with everything at stake. Book Club Guide:

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