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FNCR 2022 Young Adult Bundle-Special Offer

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Aggie and Mudgy : The Journey of Two Kaska Dena Children (FNCR 2022)
Epekwitk: Mi'kmaq Poetry from Prince Edward Island (FNCR 2022)
Four Faces of the Moon - HC (FNCR 2022)
Sale price$24.95
Four Faces of the Moon - HC (FNCR 2022)
SKU: 9781773214542
Gather: Richard Van Camp on the Joy of Storytelling (FNCR 2022)
Hunting by Stars (A Marrow Thieves Novel) (FNCR 2022)
Indigenous Toronto Stories that Carry This Place (FNCR 2022)
Kitcikisik (Great Sky): Tellings That Fill the Night Sky (FNCR 2022)
My Indian (FNCR 2022)
Sale price$16.95
My Indian (FNCR 2022)
SKU: 9781550818789
Richard Wagamese Selected What Comes from Spirit (FNCR 2022)
Stories of Métis Women Tales My Kookum Told Me (FNCR 2022)
The Barren Grounds, Book 1 : The Misewa Saga (PB) (FNCR 2021) (FNCR 2022)
The Great Bear, Book 2 : The Misewa Saga (HC) (FNCR 2022)
Treaty Words: For As Long As the Rivers Flow (FNCR 2022)
Walking in Two Worlds HC (FNCR 2022)
Sale price$21.99
Walking in Two Worlds HC (FNCR 2022)
SKU: 9780735269002
Wild Waters, Inside a Voyageur’s World (FNCR 2022)

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