Decolonizing Research: Indigenous Storywork as Methodology

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Jo-ann Q'um Q'um Xiiem Archibald, Jason De Santolo, Jenny Bol Jun Lee-Morgan
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Decolonizing Research, Indigenous Storywork as Methodology edited by Jo-ann Archibald Q’um Q’um Xiiem, Jenny Bol Jun Lee-Morgan and Jason De Santolo with a foreword by Linda Tuhiwai Smith, is published by Zed Books, a platform for marginalized voices across the globe. This work is divided into three geographic areas containing various thematic chapters: Part I: Indigenous Storywork in Canada uses Indigenous storywork principles; Part II; Indigenous Storywork in Aotearoa New Zealand through chapters on narrative preservation; and Part III: Indigenous Storywork in Australia with chapters on the transformative power and beauty of Indigenous story and storytelling. This book brings together innovative research of Indigenous scholars who use Indigenous Storywork as a decolonizing methodology. Indigenous storyworkers use the power of stories and the power of working with stories to draw insights and possibilities to Indigenous experiences and knowledge. While this work includes a discussion on the issues associated with the suppression of stories as a way to colonize Peoples, it is about the contemporary applications of storywork. As such storywork is used for working in collaboration with Indigenous communities and Indigenous knowledge to gain new insights and directions for knowledge making. This book works with story making and its principles, the art of telling stories and cultural understandings for making sense of stories. The introduction covers the concept of storywork and decolonizing methodologies and the synthesis of different approaches across three countries. Each section includes authored sections reflecting aspects of storywork. This book will appeal to those who work with Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous communities, and teachers and students of Indigenous Knowledge. Jo-ann Archibald Q’um Q’um Xiiem, who coined the term Indigenous storywork and the development of an Indigenous theoretical, methodological and pedagogical framework comprising the seven principles to develop a cooperative and dignified strategy. Decolonizing Research, Indigenous Storywork as Methodology seeks to rectify the damage of hegemonic oppression and reclaim Indigenous Peoples ability to story-talk, story-listen, story-learn and story-teach for Indigenous communities to have voice, listen to, and understand stories with respect, reverence, reciprocity and responsibility using storywork as methodology to intervene, reclaim, develop and heal.

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