Soapstone Porcupine

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Jeff Pinkney
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Two, Three, Four
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Orca Book Publishers

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Soapstone Porcupine written by Jeff Pinkney is an 88-page early chapter book from Orca Book Publishers. Two brothers from a James Bay Cree community one day encounter a stray dog. They give this dog the name Atim (dog) and their new pet remains with the family. But an unfortunate encounter with a porcupine leaves the dog in distress. One brother wants to hunt the porcupine and kill it but the younger brother does not want to take this action. Instead he uses the event as an inspiration for a soapstone carving.  A Cree elder has taught the boy about carving and about other ways of seeing the world. The Elder takes the boy on a trip by train to sell his soapstone carving to tourists. During this trip the boy learns about standing up for himself. The boy hopes Atim will stay with his family and when he returns home from a day selling his artwork finds the dog waiting for him. This gentle story about pets and dealing with emergencies will appeal to readers just beginning chapter books. The book contains black and white drawings to aid the reader in following the text. An excellent story about contemporary Cree families living in the James Bay area is the follow-up to Jeff Pinkney’s first novel, Soapstone Signs. Ideal for readers at the primary level. Highly recommended.

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