Baby Learns About Senses BRD

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Jessie Ruffenach, Peter A. Thomas
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Navajo, Southwest
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Salina Bookshelf
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Baby Learns About Senses is a board book published by Salina Bookshelf of Flagstaff, Arizona. This bilingual board book is set in the Southwest among the contemporary Navajo Nation. The colourful illustrations by Beverly Blacksheep feature a young Navajo toddler who experiences her five senses during meal preparation. On the first page, we are introduced to Baby who is helping her grandmother as the woman prepares a meal for the family. Outside Baby experiences the sense of smell as grandmother prepares mutton for cooking. Baby is shown smelling a flower and the cooking meat sizzling on the fire. Baby uses her nose and is then introduced to new sights for her eyes. Baby sees many ears of corn that need husking. Then Baby uses her ears to hear the bubbling sounds of cooking hominy (corn) stew. Next Baby experiences the sweet taste of goat's milk on her tongue. While petting her cat, Baby's touch is introduced to softness. Next Baby experiences another soft sensation as she helps kneed the bread dough. Finally, all the preparations result in a wonderful meal of delicious food all the family enjoys together.  While the publishers designed the board book to appeal to Navajo preschool and kindergarten-age children, this book will appeal to all young children. This charming book contains Navajo and English text with delightfully simple illustrations by Beverly Blacksheep. The Navajo translation is provided by linguist Peter Thomas. This board book about a young child who experiences the five senses as she shares the preparation, cooking, and enjoyment of eating together with her family is an important addition to the limited Native-content board book collection.

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