Mwakwa Talks to the Loon -pb SS

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Dale Auger
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Cree, Plains
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Heritage House
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Mwakwa Talks to the Loon: A Cree Story for Children is an award-winning children's picture book written and illustrated by Sakaw Cree (Woodland Cree) educator Dale Auger. The story tells about a long ago hunter, proud of his hunting skills and his reputation as a provider, that he began to enjoy the praise so much that he stopped hunting. As the people grew hungry, the hunter decided that his skills were so great that he could find food anytime. He didn't realize that he had lost his special gift and no longer knew where to locate the animals. He returned to his camp empty-handed and he was ashamed to face the hungry families. So he decided that he must seek the knowledge of the Elders. He went and sat with the Elders for a long time. The Elders finally told the hunter what he must do in order to regain his gift. He had to go and talk with the Loon, Mwakwa. That task was not as easy as it sounded. But eventually the Hunter was able to convince the loon to explain the problem. After learning his lesson about pride and failing to appreciate his special talent with humility the hunter returned to his camp with food for the hungry people. The hunter returned and reinstated the special feast of thanksgiving and remembered to honour the animals who freely gave themselves for the people's needs. Both loon and the hunter learned that everyone must respect the gifts they are given in order to live successful lives. The artwork is colourful and engaging and supports the text. The author has included Cree terms throughout and provides a glossary and pronunciation guide. The Cree words were translated by Billy-Joe Laboucan. This book received the well-deserved R. Ross Annett Award for Children's Literature in 2007, and was the winner of the Aboriginal Children's Book of the Year 2006.

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