The Making of a Star Blanket - LIMITED QUANTITIES

Katherine Pettipas, Leo Pettipas
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Multiple Nations
Book Type:
Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre
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The Making of a Star Blanket includes commentaries by Katherine and Leo Pettipas and is illustrated by Don Monkman. The Making of a Star Blanket provides an opportunity for students to work with paper and colour, while integrating the concept of numbers into the learning and teaching process. The hands-on experience of being able to fold paper into different shapes, patterns and designs, and add colour is an effective strategy to motivate students to learn math. The section, “The Star Blanket Making Process From the Sewing Perspective,” shows a step-by-step pro­gression of how to assemble a star blanket. Not only does it teach practical skills, it also teaches patience and builds positive self-esteem within the learner.

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