Cree Dictionary & Everyday Phrases Set - LIMITED QUANTITIES

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

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“A good method of learning the Cree language, with its unique sounds, involves verbal communication between teacher and students.”

This Cree Dictionary and Everyday Phrases & Words book set was written by the last remaining fluent Cree Elders of Ochekiwi Sipi Cree Nation (Fisher River). Some of the Elders have passed on and this set is dedicated to their memory. The dialect is Maskekomowina – Swampy Cree, or N Dialect.

In both books, the English words are translated into Cree using Roman orthography, phonetics, and Cree syllabics. The Dictionary is a 149-page, coil bound publication. The Everyday Phrases & Words is a pocket-sized, 39-page booklet.

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