Strong Stories Kanyen'keha:ka Series Set of 8

Strong Nations PublishingSKU: 9781771745833

Michelle Corneau
Grade Levels:
Two, Three, Four
Iroquois, Mohawk
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Strong Nations Publishing
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Strong Stories Kanyen’keha:ka Series published by Strong Nations Publishing is a set of eight small readers written by Mohawk educator Michelle Corneau. Each of the 16-page illustrated books covers key teachings and traditional stories about the Mohawk Nation. The books include Big Bear (9781771741149) about the importance of the Big Dipper or Big Bear group of stars that tell people the story about hunters whose teamwork helps the people travel and gives the people the correct time for certain ceremonies; Creation Story Sky Woman (9781771741156) explains the role of Sky Woman in the creation of Turtle Island; The Game (9781771741187) about how the animals and birds played a game of lacrosse and accepted the tiny bat’s role and contribution despite his size; Kanyen’keha:ka Clans (9781771741163) explains how each Mohawk person belongs to a clan; The Thanksgiving Address (9781771741170) provides an edited English version of the Thanksgiving Address; The Three Sisters (9781771741194) describes the importance of corn, beans and squash; Two Row Wampum (9781771741217) describes the significance of this wampum belt; and The Woodpecker (9781771741200) is a teaching story that stresses why we should be generous to those people less fortunate.  While we had some minor issues with the Kanyen’keha:ka Clans book, we feel comfortable recommending the other 7 books in this set.  Ideal for primary level readers. Sketches and a map showing Mohawk territory are helpful additions in this series.

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