Kinauva? (what’s your name?) The Eskimo Identification Canada system (Oct 1/22)

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Norma Dunning
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(Oct 1/22)

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In 2001, Dr. Norma Dunning, an Inuk writer as well as a scholar, researcher, professor and grandmother, applied to the Nunavut Beneficiary program, requesting enrolment to legally solidify her existence as an Inuk woman. But in the process, she was faced with a question she could not answer, tied to a colonial institution retired decades ago: “What was your disc number?”

Haunted by this question years later, Dunning took it upon herself to reach out to Inuit community members who experienced the Eskimo Identification Canada System first-hand, providing vital perspective and nuance to the scant records available on the subject. Written with incisive detail and passion, Dunning provides readers with a comprehensive look into a system sustained by the Canadian government for over thirty years, omitted from the history books but whose lasting echoes are revealed in Dunning’s intimate interviews with affected community members. Symbolic of the blatant dehumanizing treatment of the smallest Indigenous population in Canada, not one government has taken responsibility or apologized for the E-number system to date.

A necessary and timely offering, Kinauva? (what’s your name?) provides a critical record and voice to an important piece of Canadian history, collecting years of research, interviews, and personal stories from an important voice in Canadian literature. Black & White maps

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