Eaglecrest Plains Cree Roman Orthography-set of 16

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Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three
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Eaglecrest Books

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Eaglecrest Plains Cree Collection, is a leveled early literacy collection of books featuring First Nations and Native American children and families. The Plains Cree Collection of Level 4 reading books are presented as Plains Cree Roman Orthography - an early readers collection. Eaglecrest Books have been carefully leveled to help support early literacy learners become strategic, fluent, independent readers. These books encourage understanding, respect and interest among all students. This collection is complemented by Plains Cree syllabics. There are 16 books in the Plains Cree Roman Orthography set for Grade one to Grade three. Topics include My Grandma and My Grandpa, picking flowers, going outside, the forest and many more. The text in each book is supported by beautiful photographs that encourage language development and help motivate children to read.

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